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  1. Instead of spending 90-100 mill, I assume Marina will add add-on and bonus in the deal
  2. Ah, makes sense about Jorginho Well, let's go and take three points! KTBFFH
  3. Credit: https://twitter.com/JesseK_Edits
  4. Credit: https://twitter.com/JesseK_Edits
  5. https://twitter.com/NicoSchira/status/1141061536460562434 Don't know much about Nicolo/s reliable sources tho Probably Tier 3?
  6. It's really happening Thank you for amazing seven years, Eden
  7. I'll truly miss Cesc. Wishing him the best of luck
  8. I am excited about this move I believe Pulisic can get a lot of better under CFC than Dortmund who had four different managers since the fired of Klopp in 2015. Dortmund's last three managers are not on the same level as our previous managers

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