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  1. I know we still have quite a bit of the transfer window left and that Euro's only just finished, but ... this is looking fairly weird. We are about to sell Giroud and there has been enough noises about Tammy being offered round to make it fairly awkward to keep him. So either all of those noises are complete bollocks - could be, but ... but ... so many noises... Or we don't have any backup options right now and the market is a little dry. I mean leaving aside all the heated debates about whether or not Werner / Kai / Pulisic (?) are a good enough combo as a 1st choice - we are going to play 4 competitions. There will be injuries. We need somebody, don't we? If not the all-conquering mega-star, then at least somebody to play Swindon in the FA cup.
  2. He was certainly the best German player yesterday and *whispers* possibly the best player on the pitch *runs away, hides*. He could walk the ball out of a locked closet.
  3. Interesting. They’ll keep Kane. They’ll buy him a couple of cheap-ish squad players. What can he make from them eggs? He won’t win them the league (lol) but he’ll make them better. The league will be tougher.
  4. Seems like fittIng all of Werner, Havertz, Mount and new CF requires: - 4 at the back - attacking width from full backs Which in turn seems to require a really solid DM.” Possible and people here have been talking about just that. But also - while I do not wish to join Werner-slagging - I don’t really see why he is so obviously a nailed-on first choice. He has been quite important under current circumstances, but who’s to say that the new CF will not be able to do some of the good things Werner does and then, suddenly, Werner is less important.
  5. Oh wow. I thought people here were too negative about Tommy and/or our players on occasion. Those guys are ready to lynch Pep…
  6. But how how fresh will Fernandinho be for Community Shield? Ooof… Lime and mint fresh!
  7. We only won ‘cause they played their second team. Pep is saving their strongest team for the more important occasion.
  8. That was amazing, wasn’t it.. 😍😍😍
  9. I reckon he’s not getting fired…
  10. A surprisingly high proportion of his (open play) goals here are him receiving the ball somewhere around the penalty spot with no defender anywhere near him. On the one hand - Werner on Chelsea form would miss … etc On the other - there might be some truth to all the comments about Seria A not being a good barometer. I really wanted to see him “bully defenders” as someone put it. He seems to have bullied them so effectively that they prefer to stay the f**k away from him. 🙂
  11. He is walking in the direction of Madrid. You heard it here first.
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