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  1. In what way the is 3 CB system more likely to get figured out than the 2 CB system? My impression, for what it’s worth, is that we are over reliant on fast counters, so might at some point need a plan B against deep defences. But I don’t see how this problem is solved by back 4. As for defensive flexibility - I feel we have it already: the WB vary between fairly defensive ones and wide forwards 🙂 depending on plan/strategy/requirements.
  2. Question for the "law of averages" peeps. If I am tossing a coin two times and for whatever reason want the second toss to come out heads - do I want the first toss to be heads or tails? 🙂
  3. Somehow Leicester losing yesterday has made me feel all gung-ho. Dunno, maybe because we have a bit more breathing space to get it wrong. f**k it. We are playing amazingly well. Everyone’s raised their level at the right time. Why do this strategic losing? Let’s win. Let’s have top 4 wrapped up by the end of next week. If Man City don’t play full strength - better for us. If they do - it will give us useful experience for the CL final. I trust TT to learn more from it than Pep will.
  4. I like Leicester, they are a nice football story and, as long as it’s not at our expense, I want them to do well, but… if they end up not getting into top 4 having had 3rd place pretty much nailed-on, it’s going to be very funny. And can only help us, of course.
  5. Interesting angle. We want to maximise our learning/experience of them while minimising their learning/experience of us. 🙂 If done purely via team selection, I guess one could pick some aspects of the game where we need most learning/experience. E.g. pick best defense to see how they handle MC, but play Tammy and Giroud because (for example) we have a pretty good idea of what our best attack looks like and how exactly they will play. For exmaple.
  6. Personally I thought we bought him to be the next Maradona, so his coke consumption as been very disappointing. But you know ... he is still young ... adjusting to new country ... surely he'll raise his level.
  7. West Ham have very winnable games. I'd be seriously stressed if we lost this weekend and then relied on winning the remaining three. Can we, like, play for a draw? 🙂
  8. I feel the “is it luck that wins you CL” debate hasn’t lasted long enough, so gonna add another dimension (apologies if this has come up and I missed it). Some years CL is just harder than others. A few years back PSG and Bayern were roughly same level, while all of Barca, Real, Juve were much stronger. This year is just an easy year. 🙂 Which is not to downplay Tuchel’s achievement - I am pretty much ready to have his children already.
  9. I'd have Frank visibly take control for games with Spurs and Arsenal just to troll. Or better still - Dennis Wise.
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