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  1. Sad to see Reece James had his Champions League and Euro 2020 medals stolen from his house.
  2. South Africa is in the running to host it: https://www.thesouthafrican.com/sport/fifa-club-world-cup-south-africa-hoping-to-host-chelsea-al-ahly-in-december-japan-who-is-hosting-latest/
  3. Qatar seems the obvious choice at first, but then I read they're holding the Arab Cup from 30 November – 18 December 2021, so only way they can hold it is to delay the Club World Cup until next year some time. If it has to be held in December, here's a list of the other countries that originally bid against Japan. Take your pick! Saudi Arabia Russia Egypt Thailand Argentina
  4. Yeah it's been held in Japan as a one off game between European and South American champs since 1980 and ran like that for 25 years, For 20 years before that was home and away legs when it started back in 1960. To be honest whether it's USA, SW6 or even Qatar (which I hope it's not), I don't mind as long as we win it this time. I'm still gutted we lost it in 2012.
  5. There's still a very slim chance it could get delayed and still be played in Japan. But if no full capacity stadiums allowed (as would be the case in December) the Japanese FA can't afford it as unlike Qatar, they are a real football Association and have to make ends meet.
  6. Seems that FIFA and the Japanese government can't reach an agreement on fans flying in due to Covid. https://www.si.com/soccer/chelsea/news/report-chelsea-set-to-play-2021-club-world-cup-away-from-japan-qatar-linked-as-possible-venue Qatar being considered as last minute replacement.
  7. Seems the trip to Japan is no more. ☹️ Qatar being likely replacement. https://www.si.com/soccer/chelsea/news/report-chelsea-set-to-play-2021-club-world-cup-away-from-japan-qatar-linked-as-possible-venue
  8. Unlikely to knock them out, but that would depend how they do against the other teams in the group.
  9. I hope we get PSG. No team is better than us on current form and I reckon Tuchel would have them worked out.
  10. Upcoming Finals to watch out for: 28th Oct - CONCACAF Champions League Final 20th Nov - Copa Libertadores Final 27th Nov - Asian Champions League Final 4th Dec - J League final day (hosts Japan) Already qualified: African Champions - Al Ahly (Egypt) Oceana Champions - Auckland City (New Zealand) European Champions - You know who we are...
  11. Definitely not meaningless. This plus FIFA's world club trophy are more prestigious around the world than a lot of people realise.
  12. Although I'd rather see Gilmour playing first team football at Chelsea, I trust the people at Chelsea with this decision. They have a very good relationship with Gilmour's family and from what I've seen they clearly have an understanding with them on the plans to bring him through. Look forward to seeing how he gets on, and can see him helping to nick points off some of our rivals.
  13. Yeah I was there in Yokohama that night. Corinthians fans from Brazil alone took up about 50% of the stadium. We had the Japanese fans though. They take the tournament very seriously over there in South America and hopefully we do the same this time. Winning it will establish Chelsea firmly on the global stage.
  14. Dates confirmed as December 9th (Thursday) to December 19th (Sunday), 2021. Chelsea's games will be 16th and 19th December. From the Japanese Football Association. Better start practicing your Kanji! http://www.jfa.jp/match/fcwc_2021/
  15. The last major trophy for Chelsea to complete the set (discounting the new Europa Conference, for now). Hard to be sure where this will be held of course. Regardless, anyone making plans?
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