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  1. Although I'd rather see Gilmour playing first team football at Chelsea, I trust the people at Chelsea with this decision. They have a very good relationship with Gilmour's family and from what I've seen they clearly have an understanding with them on the plans to bring him through. Look forward to seeing how he gets on, and can see him helping to nick points off some of our rivals.
  2. Yeah I was there in Yokohama that night. Corinthians fans from Brazil alone took up about 50% of the stadium. We had the Japanese fans though. They take the tournament very seriously over there in South America and hopefully we do the same this time. Winning it will establish Chelsea firmly on the global stage.
  3. Dates confirmed as December 9th (Thursday) to December 19th (Sunday), 2021. Chelsea's games will be 16th and 19th December. From the Japanese Football Association. Better start practicing your Kanji! http://www.jfa.jp/match/fcwc_2021/
  4. The last major trophy for Chelsea to complete the set (discounting the new Europa Conference, for now). Hard to be sure where this will be held of course. Regardless, anyone making plans?
  5. He stood out in the UEFA final causing all kinds of problems for their defense. We have stacks of telent in the youth teams, so hopefully they get a run out if win the league before the end.
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