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  1. BIB. Is that a reason not to give her the job?
  2. The Sun (Neil Ashton) Could we be the first?
  3. Unfortunately for us, Hazard is the most accessible for them at the moment. The others you have listed would cost astronomical amounts of money. Whereas Hazard will be cut price due to the length of contract.
  4. What do you mean by "it terms of Kovacic and Higuain"? If you mean in terms of signing them, they are already registered as our players so we can sign them permanently, regardless of the outcome of the ban. There does seem to be a lot of confusion in regards to what the ban means. We are not, and never will be banned from signing players. We can buy all the players that we want, all year round if we want to. What we are banned from, is registering players to play for us. So any players we sign cannot register to play for us for the next two registration periods. Players that are already registered to play for us, i.e. Kova and Higs, can be signed on a permanent bases with no effect from the ban.
  5. f**k me, you don't give up do ya!
  6. Why mention "Russian" or "Woman" at all then? You're a f**king Muppet fella, and all you've done since you posted that twatty post, is dug yourself a deeper hole!
  7. Ffs re-read the BIB. You know what you meant!
  8. f**k me you lot, even though I've softened a bit I still think watching us at the moment is a chore. Didn't realise this forum was filled with "super fans"!
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again (because everyone loves my controversial posts), he's a fantastic player and has had one of his best seasons with us this year. But he stunk out the place against Leicester, and I've watched him have too many games like that for us. Will be sorry to see him go, but won't shed a tear. Also I hope he wins f**k all with Real. Can't stand players who pimp themselves out the way he has!
  10. The answer to that question is... it all depends on Roman.
  11. Lol, I hope you haven't had that saved just in case!
  12. I'm not blaming the manager. I'm willing to give him another season. It's the players that I feel let down by. Some of them need to be shown the door pretty sharpish!
  13. Another season done, and I've got to be honest, this has been some of the worst football I've seen at Chelsea. Even back in the dark old days at least the team played with heart. The one thing I can't abide is players not giving their all! Next up, the little matter of the Europa League Final, then on to next season. Hopefully by then we've had a massive clear out of the deadwood!
  14. Not necessarily. He's already registered with us, so even if the ban is upheld, we can still sign him permanently.
  15. I would say Cech pulling off some wonder saves in both games, Cahil and Luiz playing out of their skins amongst others is more down to incredible performances rather than luck! And also, since when did it become a fact that if a team have far more possession playing tippy tappy football with out beating us that they deserved to win? I'm sorry, but in both of those games, only one team deserved to go through, and they did!
  16. Yep, all down to luck, nothing to do with some incredible team performances. Righto...
  17. Rubens. A breath of fresh air in a stagnant team.
  18. Has anybody herd yet if Reece James is eligible to play?
  19. I tell you what, I'm bloody looking forward to England games at the moment. Some of the players we have available should be winning us a competition sooner or later. Shouldn't be too long before Chelsea (hopefully) have a few of our players starting regularly for England too.
  20. BIB is my only point. We were never the best team in Europe that season, but we weren't sh*t as the poster I was quoting was suggesting. That team had gut's and passion, something we severely lack today.
  21. I've been toing and froing on Sarri this season, but as it stands I think he's done enough to earn a second season. What we really need though is if we are going to stick with Sarri the team need to persevere with his style of play. We need the players to play out of their skin every match, press like hell for leather and learn how to pass under pressure. If Liverpool can do it, we can bloody do it!
  22. I have no love for some of these players. Can't trust em to go out there and fight for the badge.
  23. Thanks, good job I couldn't give a flying f**k what you think fella. This team we have at the moment is full of unlikable players with 0% passion for the club. Watching us get battered from pillar to post by a sub-standard Arsenal team is not what I would call entertainment. Seen us before in a European final against an English rival, and it didn't go well. If we win I'll watch it later.

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