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  1. Couldn't have been more open. No wonder he scored with such a crap finish.
  2. Inept performance from players and manager alike. Really shocking display.
  3. A goal down and playing without a striker / focal attacking point. What?!
  4. Take Kepa out and put Bats in, he's not doing anything anyway.
  5. Alonso is such a liability. No wonder we're looking at Chilwell.
  6. Just came back from injury, wont play two matches in a week. Makes COMPLETE sense.
  7. Playing poorly. Cant string three passes together.
  8. We will absolutely dominate that midfield.
  9. Got complacent at the end there. Good thing it didn’t actually hurt us and no doubt Lampard will use this as reference for other occasions to stay in the match until the full whistle.

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