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  1. Sarri saying that he needs 5-6 players sounds much worse than him saying he needs 1-2. He still needs to maintain a level of confidence within his squad at face value and also not to seem as if he's desperate in the transfer window. It's typical transfer market PR really.
  2. We will not be able to replace Hazard with a like for like player. We have the emergence of CHO and the arrival of Pulisic, we are fine on the wings. There are other areas that require attention, such as CF.
  3. The fans whinging 10 minutes in, dont come here celebrating this goal.
  4. Agreed. You may not rate Higuain but that doesn't somehow make Giroud the better option. Granted, he's done well in this competition this season but is this the best we can do?!
  5. It's typical of Chelsea not to capitalize on others dropping points.
  6. If he's too slow, how would you describe Giroud?
  7. Good performance. Something to build on, I guess.

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