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  1. Not the greatest performance but I'm absolutely delighted with that result. We need wins when we don't play at our best. One goal conceded in the champions league so far.
  2. I jumped out of my chair at Giroud's goal. Gave my dog and cat a heart attack.
  3. CHO scored and he took his foot off the gas. Needs to maintain that intensity Lampard demands throughout.
  4. I know Frank knows best but I would not have played Werner this match. Same for Tammy. I am not sure why Ziyech is in need of a rest given he started the season injured. And then of course there's Giroud who's due a match.
  5. Slightly concerned with the chances Werner misses. He's not as good of a finisher as I once thought.
  6. He’s been poor all match. Two good chances wasted.
  7. This 4-3-3 is it. Most teams will struggle against us. But one issue to Kante and we are back to that awful 4-2-3-1. Team could use another sitting midfielder.
  8. Zouma makes up for that miss earlier. What a leap. Chilwell motm at the moment.
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