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  1. Thank you Azpi, and if we win, great. However, we have serious problems. Really worried for Lampard, one of my favorite players but really worried from a managerial point of view.
  2. This sits with the manager. It's a shame but it's not looking like it will work out. This isn't a sign that we need players.
  3. Pathetic, Absolutely pathetic from Chelsea. Wow. We're not breaking them down for a win.
  4. Barkley should come in. No need for for this midfield anymore.
  5. Can always count on Christensen to miss the goal from a corner.
  6. I used to not believe it but Hazard WAS Chelsea. We are painfully average without him and our league position flatters us.
  7. Our corners are comical and borderline semi-professional.
  8. Which is actually detrimental and puts a huge strain on Jorginho. I would have liked for Barkley to have kept his spot. We were much more fluid.
  9. Reece James’ passing and crossing, what an advantage over earlier in the season.
  10. When I saw he was out of the team I felt more confident about grabbing a win. He’s been under performing since his return from injury. I don’t for a second buy that it’s a tactical issue. It’s weird and I’m sure he will return to form with time but for now we’re a more balanced team without him in there. This is something I never thought I would say about Kante but I think he can afford himself a dip in form considering how good he’s been for us otherwise.

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