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  1. And still would only have gotten 3 points. A win is a win, who cares?! We've had many performances this season which we as fans can be happy with. All that was needed today was the win and the team got it. Undefeated!
  2. Morata finding some form!
  3. Premier League: 2 FA Cup: 1 Football League Cup: 1 UEFA Champions League: 1 UEFA Europa League: 1 "muppet"
  4. LOL now an own goal from Mason and we're good.
  5. Hoping Lampard will get a phenomenal reception.
  6. What if we were to try RLC at 9? Or a false one? Would link with Hazard well and uses his strength better than Morata or Giroud.
  7. Was that goal on Emerson? Unsure...
  8. He has, it's not a dig at him. We have very decent options in the midfield, shame about our forwards.
  9. Baffled as to how Barkley starts over RLC, maybe it's off the ball movement because otherwise on talent alone there's no debate.
  10. I'm fairly convinced I'm a more talented footballer than Moses. Dreadful player.
  11. Hopefully this gives RLC an edge over Barkley in the coming weeks.
  12. Mate, we're playing a Mickey Mouse club. Dont understand the negativity....aaaaand it's 2-0.
  13. Couldn’t have said it better. Thanks Slojo.
  14. I’m embarrassed by my club today. The taunting in front of Mourinho by that employee after our second goal, the fans chanting “f**k off Mourinho”, booing him at the end...so much lack of class.
  15. And you off the internet.