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  1. I said that Kante needs to perform better and that he did. Brilliant alongside Luiz and Azpi. But really everyone performed. More of this please.
  2. Give me another 45 minutes with the same outcome and I promise you we will celebrate together.
  3. Cannot come out second half as we have the last 5+ matches.
  4. Ahem what? We are talking about midfield responsibilities.
  5. There’s a lot that we NEED from Kante too and he’s not providing. Seriously why is he so free from criticism? End of the day he is a midfielder. He should know how to pass and at least control the ball under pressure.
  6. You found him? Missing since September.
  7. Do you feel bad for Morata too? Both underperforming.
  8. We simply have no midfielders that can drive the ball forward.
  9. Doesn't REALLY matter what he says in his press conferences. That's not the pep talk players look at anyway.
  10. How many more assists does Emerson have to provide Giroud with before we actually try to keep that as a constant?! Tactically it’s looking a mess.
  11. NO CHANCE. Arsenal and Spurs miles ahead of us.
  12. You must know something I don't. What makes it very likely?