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  1. High expectations between us fans, i see. We were never going to be a well oiled machine with the joke of a pre-season that we've had. All that matters is that we got the three points. It will be a month until this team shows the fluidity and form we crave. Long season ahead.
  2. ONLY 6 months? You’re right. Needs an additional 6.
  3. Why’s that? RLC has an excuse for everything by our fans. Unreal bias.
  4. May not be worth looking into numbers too much but I can’t help thinking if Zyiech will take 22 indeed and Puli switches to 10.
  5. I actually agree with you having watched him in three matches, where he also played in three different positions. It could be argued that he was instructed to stay up top and focus on that but that’s not how we play. He will need to adapt to a different style if he comes here. I think some patience may be required with him.
  6. Not that it matters much but that pitch is awful.
  7. I cannot forgive that red card. That’s absolutely unacceptable from Kovacic to do in a final.

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