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  1. Slowly but surely losing control of the match.
  2. Watch Christensen channel his inner Silva now.
  3. Sure is. Say this result holds, that’s another clean sheet and another match we were in control of. Still much to work on and improve but it won’t happen overnight. This is progress.
  4. I’m not entirely sure of the rules on this board but this guy has been trolling all day. Is it acceptable here for fans of other teams to do this here without consequence?
  5. Proper manager. Take the piss all you like. We’d be much better under him.
  6. At what cost?! We are very likely to miss out on the champions league. I’m sorry but this job he’s in is not a learn on the job type position. He did great for us last season. We will forever be grateful. But we need to move on if we truly want to compete.
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