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  1. Another birthday ruined or a birthday treat? Hmmmmm.
  2. Lampardball is hard to complete with in the sexiness levels. Plus he’s proper Chels (via West Ham).
  3. There is no cycle. Jose went into meltdown, Conte did well then fell out with the board but didn’t leave mid season, Sarri did well but left of his own accord. Lampard was out of his depth and under qualified, it was a miracle he was in the job at all.
  4. Every attack dies in the final third with an over hit or under hit pass. Even when it reaches the intended recipient the pace of the move had been slowed.
  5. Never doubted Timo. Also thanks Newcastle for neither sitting deep nor pressing.
  6. That’s a bit of a stretch. I remember a certain Kevin De Bruyne playing awful in a cup game for us not long before leaving...
  7. Although I used to think that about Ramires, then he did *that* against Barca.
  8. At the end of the day Rudi has never been good defender. Ooooo a pen.
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