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  1. Villa created more in 10 mins against Liverpool than we did in 90. 😞
  2. We should be all over this offer. A chance to undo the Kapa damage to the finances.
  3. Currently we are playing abysmal no matter what level of opponent, so wouldn’t really be shocked to finish bottom unless Pulisic bails is out.
  4. So what does the former Championship Playoff Final losing manager have in him to manage Chelsea that all the other CPF losing managers don’t? There was no logic or reason in hiring Lampard unless it’s an intentional stop gap. We are relying on pure fluke for him to do well. I like Lamps, but blind faith isn’t a tool for success in any walk of life.
  5. If you can’t avoid getting certain diseases the next best thing is treating them early, not waiting until you’re nearly dead.
  6. Fantastic effort lads. What a season we’re going to have.
  7. What does Frank actually coach? We have no attacking system or patterns of play. 5 games into the season and the only team we’ve created a lot against were a championship side with their main CBs out.
  8. I’m not sure it’s that, I think he needs to be nearer Giroud because he’s getting the ball with his back to goal but tends to have only 1 pass on. His movement is good enough to cause problems for a deep defence.
  9. Timo isn’t getting the ball in useful areas and is having to pass back all the time, but what a goal lad.
  10. City and Pool must take steroids or something. Every team in the league can spend millions on sports science but somehow only they consistently have 90% energy left at 90 mins.
  11. Surely we can convince Arsenal to buy him?
  12. Every game is a banana skin when you make the errors we do.
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