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  1. He’s been in steady decline for two years. Hopefully he doesn’t get the Ivan treatment of playing him as a starter until he humiliates himself with league 1 performances every week.
  2. But if not for “bad luck” we’d already be 3 games unbeaten! That’s how I read the forum the last week anyway. Apparently good sides play well and lose consistently. At least we didn’t add to that weird logic today.
  3. Thank god Sarri’s gone we finally play the world’s sexiest football.
  4. Kante needs to just sit. He’s too tired to do anything on the ball.
  5. You liked it in the first half when his horrible passes kept exposing us?
  6. Or the other perspective is that Liverpool played rubbish and still beat us... Going to get really bored of reading how great we are after defeats all season. It’s a bit Wolves or Everton that.
  7. People are talking like this is some sort of special season where results don’t matter. The context of the ban and and manager mean nothing. If we’re 15th at Christmas he’s gone. If we don’t go deep in at least one competition he’s gone.
  8. Isn’t this the sexy football the people demanded?
  9. Don’t you dare get my hopes up.
  10. Can’t actually remember him doing anything wrong defensively.
  11. cuppaT


    If we used this philosophy Mikel would still be here stinking up the joint while a select few posters witter about how comfortable he looked in the ball in an early FA cup round.
  12. He was a proven winner. He’s now senile, depressed, boring, and toxic. Just like I will be by summer 2020.

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