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  1. Obviously wasn’t going to keep a clean sheet. More mad about the abysmal attacking which consists of terrible cross after terrible cross.
  2. We actually had worse results at Newcastle with him in the team lol.
  3. Shame Aguero didn’t spend any of his career at a big club.
  4. He’s inspiring me a lot. I will fraud my way to a mega pay rise rather than earning it in 2020.
  5. The important thing is we play sexy samba football unlike under terrible Sarri and we also beat Spurs and Arsenal who are not in turmoil.
  6. A wake up call for those thinking a bang average squad bolstered by championship players constitutes a top 4 side.
  7. We weren’t, we were getting lucky. That Wolves game was looking like this Southampton game until we scored a fluke.
  8. The only top side we’ve beaten is has-been Jose's army of tw**s.
  9. Didn’t do much last year other than flirt with Bayern tbh.
  10. Really shows the lack of technical ability when you come up against compact sides working hard. It’s the same with Man U, fine against teams that give you huge space to knock the ball into. Not so good otherwise. They have more pace which is why their record against top 6 is much better than us.
  11. No no no. Be on message please. Sarri = boring. Frank = sexy samba.

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