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  1. cuppaT


    Should have been a squad player. Was a first team player for too long here, he put in the level of performance expected at the top level for a month a season, which would make pundits ask why isn’t he starting every week. No wonder we’re so up and down with our competitiveness year on year when Willian is one of your best players.
  2. cuppaT


    Getting rid of Willian is fantastic. It’s a message that mediocre is no longer the standard we accept.
  3. This is like the league game when they got a red and we turned to s**t.
  4. cuppaT

    Nathan Ake

    Every time I watch Bournemouth he seems to be either getting rinsed or is 2 seconds slow from the right position to stop a goal.
  5. Can’t wait to have some pace up front next year.
  6. Alonso and Rud already embarrassing themselves with 5 mins gone.
  7. Now I remember why I didn’t miss football I’m lockdown.
  8. At least we’ve not let in a set piece....yet.
  9. We had great and consistent defensive shape today, not used to it!
  10. His touch and decision making were unbelievable tonight woah..
  11. How’s that positivity going bud? Celebrate all night did ya? But heady today?

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