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  1. With Kante 2.0 being so far forward it gets overrun too easily.
  2. We lose against any side with more than 3 good players. When does the good patch start?
  3. Sarri will feel like the golden years by May.
  4. You could pose that question to anyone, it’s not insulting thicko.
  5. 70% possession, no chances, Kante out of position. Come on boo boys why so quiet.
  6. We’re playing a team who knows we only play well for 25 mins a game.
  7. I was in Barca and caught the Barca vs Valencia game in September. They were so open, a 16 year old made them look amateur. I couldn’t believe we managed to lose to them at home. They actually attacked Barca better than they attacked us and we still lost! Doubt we’ll get more than a draw, there’s no edge to us.
  8. At both us so far and Derby he’s bottled nearly every big game....

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