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  1. For a game promoting peace I sure did feel a hint of hate.
  2. The problem is, who do we get in as the replacement when the replacement gets sacked, and who do we get in as the replacement's replacement? Alan Curbishley? Darren Ferguson?
  3. Sucks that we never really did anything in the CL while he was here. He is partly to blame for that as he never really shone in the CL. Even when we got to semi's we went out with a whimper. Part of the reason I can never hold him up there with the Lampard/Terry/Drogba tier players.
  4. The football we play is good, far better than the turgid stuff under Jose and Conte. The problem is too many players uncomfortable on the ball, and the ones that are make terrible decisions 90% of the time. Naming no names....
  5. I've found a solution. Simply don't turn on the TV or social media for the next 6 months and take some drugs. I'm a genius.
  6. Liverpool having 6 CL's, Spurs having 1. One of these will become our reality soon. Help. How does one reset the timeline?
  7. I'm edging towards a Spurs win being the least bad outcome as: 1) Liverpool winning anything ever is a horrible prospect. 2) Arsenal being the only big London club without a CL win is quite funny.
  8. No there isn’t, winning the league is just a prize for finishing first. It happens you were better than 19 teams over 38 games instead of 17 teams. You can’t control the quality of the opposition.
  9. If they ‘get’ the club then they’ll probably have job interviews lined up for 9 months in.
  10. He’s seriously talented, the kind of talent that’s hard to buy. Recent performances have been very good. Hints of Essien when galloping forward and Lamps once in the box!
  11. You know what this season really needed? Cahill with his hands behind his back backing away from attackers for a few km every game. Oh no wait, we’re going to finish top 4, make a final, maybe 2 finals minimum and perhaps a trophy.
  12. Our squad is so bad when you think about it. If we get top 4 Sarri should get coach of the year.
  13. Knowing our luck we’ll probably play the f***er back into form.
  14. Look at the squad! Who would do better? We have no creative players, little pace, no regular goal scorers. These are not “Sarriball” related issues. They have been present and growing for years.
  15. Goal down, Kante releasing the ball 5 years too late, Hazard missing. Alonso existing, Willian still a Chelsea player. Sad times.
  16. Why is Alonso playing? Did I die in my sleep and woke up in hell because of all my bad deeds?

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