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  1. Myself and others have called him Tommy Tactics. General calls him Tommy Tickle. There's been a few other ones too. Tommy Too Cool I saw somewhere on here. You have to admit EB his name rather lends itself to it! And for the record I think the bloke has done about as much as could reasonably be expected since since he has taken over. IMO haven't seen any big transformation as some claim there's been. Are we playing attractive attacking football? Nope. Do I agree with all his player selections? Nope. And personally I didn't like what he did to CHO. Too humiliating for a young player I thin
  2. Can't speak for anyone else, but you don't bother me Brutos. Rarely agree with a word you type but that's alright. You probably don't agree with any views I have. No problems. The difference is we are both, I think, pretty consistent with those views. We don't change direction every time the wind blows.
  3. My boss uses it all the time. And I have never had the heart to tell him my name isn't Bob.
  4. Bob on. Another three or four weeks and he'll be changing again.
  5. Christ on a bike. I login to read the latest Chelsea chat after a hard day at work and you're still at it Traffic Light!! What is wrong with you? On December 5th Traffic Light wrote: "Probably yes, I'm a fan of Jorginho, but we look much better in this system with Kante protecting. It looks like Lamps has figured out his best team, so far so good". On December 16th Traffic Light wrote his thoughts in response to a post by Scott: "James, Kante, Silva, Mendy, Mount are all up there with me so far, Kante is just ahead of James in the pecking order".
  6. Has he kept changing his mind on him as well?
  7. It's the areas of the pitch he does it in too dkw. Only Kante on his game covers as much space and can inject that same tempo IMO.
  8. On November 30th Traffic Light, sorry slojo wrote: "lot of people say Lampard gets too much protection on here, but I don't think he does. I remember after the Spurs game, a game we only lost on penalties people mind. But people on here were suicidal after that. One of the worst I've seen it on the forum, so many of them wanted him gone on the spot after that game. I said before the season started, if we are still conceding the same amount of goals, we will have to start asking serious questions. But since Mendy, Silva and Chilwell have arrived and playing together we've had the best
  9. Not like you to make an attempt at humour slojo. And I have put some weight on since that photo. Do you mind if we call you Traffic Light from now on? One minute you're red but in a little while you will be Green, then Amber. You used to be indecisive but now you can't make your mind up.
  10. I cannot possibly think who that's aimed at slojo. I think for the record Tommy is doing a great job and I fully support him. Three weeks time I will have probably changed my mind. Another three weeks I'll change it back again.
  11. We will Gol. All of them are either dead or in their 70s and 80s. Probably still quicker than Jorginho though.
  12. Exactly the same for me Konkai. Similar situation to Luiz who could look decent in a back 3 but was so often a disaster waiting to happen in a flat back 4.
  13. Well we won last night but I didn't think he had a good game at all. Pretty much agree with the comments and rating I read on Football London this morning. "Passing was sloppy for the majority. Improved in the second half but will miss the second leg after picking up a booking after the break. 6"
  14. It's ironic in a way. Our two best results this season have both come in Spain!
  15. Great result. Fully deserved. Be interesting to see how they approach the 2nd leg.
  16. Werner just made a great run. Jorginho completely ignored him. Fuc*k sake!
  17. Have just read that Tiger Woods has been in a serious car crash and is undergoing emergency surgery for multiple severe leg injuries.
  18. Indeed. Imagine if Kante had given it away there. The screaming.
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