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  1. I had Striker when I was a kid. I remember you could put the ball in the goalie's arm and then turn his body so that the ball could be thrown. I also remember playing football dice as well. @bluehaze like you, I didn't have subbuteo but a mate of mine so would go round to his house to play it. Found this website about old football games. https://www.oldfootballgames.co.uk/index.asp
  2. Great pictures of athletics meetings at Stamford Bridge. Looks like Brompton Cemetery in the background of the picture above.
  3. Cheers. Looks like it's an athletics meeting at the ground. I guess that's not surprising as the area was used for athletics since the 1870s or thereabouts. The runners are running in a clockwise direction as opposed to an anti-clockwise direction which is how races are run now. I wonder when the change from clockwise to anti-clockwise took place. I'll see if I can find out. Loads of sports have been played at the Bridge over the years.
  4. Great picture of the old East Stand. Is the white thing a marquee?
  5. Great quote. Baxter may have bought a bottle but probably drank it all! He did like a tipple.
  6. Jayne Mansfield at White Hart Lane in the late 1950s. Fans are more interested in looking at her rather than watching Spuds. Can't blame them.
  7. Thank you. Looking forward to that. The airfields not far from me should get a mention. Includes the world famous Biggin Hill.
  8. I wonder what Pele is saying to Slim Jim. Something like 'you're a great player.'
  9. Two brilliant drummers. I had the privilege of seeing Buddy Rich and his band at Ronnie Scott's back in the early eighties. A terrific gig. I've heard and seen a number of drummers over the years and Buddy is by far the best.
  10. Davie and Pat Nevin in the same side. What a sight that would have been. Opposition defences would have been run ragged. I don't think they played together for the Scotland team. I'll need to check.
  11. What a great full back Sandy was. Him on one side and John Greig on the other. Two of the best full backs to come out of Scotland and at the same time there was Danny McGrain. To have a stand named after him at Ibrox is a wonderful tribute to Jardine.
  12. True. Facing a 12 point deduction for going into administration. I wonder how many other clubs will face the same fate.
  13. I think that this has been posted before but no harm in posting this again. Great walking up those steps.
  14. A bit of a financial mess for West Ham. Here's to us adding to their woes tonight. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53215371
  15. https://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/castore-and-rangers-unveil-2020-2021-home-kit/ The new Rangers kit. Have to say, it looks good.
  16. Is the 3 to remind us of that great front three of Dixon, Speedie and Nevin?
  17. Thanks. 2.55 into this video about the great man. I was in the old West Stand for the game and had a great view of Zola tormenting Dicks,
  18. Looks like that's from the game where Gianfranco gave Dicks the runaround.
  19. It's the 75th anniversary of the game in November. Would be nice if the club were to mark the occasion. I've mentioned before that I knew a guy who was at the game. He lived in the North End Road and bunked off school go to the game.

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