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  1. From the Full Members Cup Final. A great day out.
  2. Coming from a Rangers supporting family on my Dad's side I've always had a soft soft for Scotland's finest. Two of my cousins are ST holders at Ibrox. They live in Larkhall which is probably the most ardent Rangers supporting town in Scotland. I could tell some great stories about the place. I've been to Ibrox a few times over the years. A great stadium. Was there in 2007 for the Rangers v Chelsea pre-season friendly. The atmosphere was brilliant. Also try and go to my local non-league side, Welling United a couple of times a season. A great little ground. It's great to see the ball being kicked over the fence into the main road outside and see it bouncing off cars. Must give the drivers a shock.
  3. Looks like Alan Birchenall but I may be wrong. Season 70-71 as that was his only season he was with us.
  4. The shirt worn by Eddie is one of my favourite Scotland tops. It looks like the one worn by the team when they beat England 3-2 at Wembley in 1967. Another picture from the 67 game. Eddie and Jim Baxter standing away from the others. Had there been an argument?!
  5. The shirt worn by Eddie is one of my favourite Scotland tops. It looks like the one worn by the team when they beat England 3-2 at Wembley in 1967.
  6. Fixtures for the SPFL were announced this morning. Here's to the 'Gers winning title 55 and what could be one of the greatest parties ever. I hope that the game against Celtic is moved from 31 August as that game clashes with our game against Sheffield United. https://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/full-fixture-list/ WATP
  7. A classic example of the club not thinking this through. Can't find anything about this on the club website. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/chelsea/chelsea-chief-bruce-buck-writes-to-fans-confirming-review-into-baku-final-shambles-a4172106.html Bruce Buck has taken the unusual step to write to fans confirming the club are looking into how they dealt with providing travel to the Europa League Final in Baku last month. The Blues failed to sell out their 5801 allocation for the showpiece occasion in Azerbaijan’s capital city. Only around 2000 made the trip from the UK to see Chelsea beat rivals Arsenal 4-1, with many unwilling to pay for flights that rose above £1000 or take the days off work required to attend a match taking place 2500 miles away. Chelsea, via Thomas Cook, did provide a fly-in and out service (with no overnight stay in the country) which cost £979 per person, but the price was met with criticism from supporters. The Chelsea Supporters Trust released a statement the week before the final expressing disappointment in the club’s handling of the situation and also hit out at UEFA’s decision to play the fixture in Baku. Buck has written to the people that did buy a ticket this week saying Chelsea are reviewing what took place to avoid any repeat in future. He said: “I wish to reassure you that since the Europa League final in Azerbaijan, the club has been taking time to carefully consider any lessons to be learned from the experiences of our supporters who attended the match. “We have been and we will continue to discuss internally if there was more we could have done to help you get to and from Baku. “This is also a matter we will raise with the Fans’ Forum and other supporter groups. We are always learning. “I also want to make sure all of you know our players and management, and indeed Chelsea fans everywhere, truly appreciated the extraordinary effort you put into attending the final. “We know it was not an easy journey, with fans taking a variety of innovative routes through Moscow, Dubai, Budapest, Frankfurt, Tbilisi and elsewhere using a combination of airplanes, minivans, trains, and even a bit of hitchhiking. “Your commitment to the cause must be commended. You are true Blues who travel over land and sea to support your beloved Chelsea. “Of course, you returned home with some great memories: another major trophy for the club’s trophy cabinet; seeing Mr Abramovich beaming proudly at the medal awards ceremony; and saying goodbye to Eden Hazard, one of the greatest to ever play in the Premier League. “Again, thank you for your incredible support. Keep the blue flag flying high.” More about: | Bruce Buck | Europa League Show comments Reuse content
  8. I'd forgotten all about Brentford Nylons. Found this:
  9. Posted before but a great shot of a great stand.
  10. Eddie was a brilliant goalie. Such a shame when he was injured. He tried making a comeback but unfortunately that was unsuccessful. He could have played for us for another ten years. If I remember correctly Eddie was injured in a league cup game against QPR. Speedie replaced Eddie in goal.
  11. Is it John Dempsey who scored in the Cup Winners Cup replay in 1971? Although born in England he qualified to play for the Republic of Ireland through his parents.
  12. Your kitchen cabinet is a bit like mine. Except that mine is filled with pint glasses from beer festivals and mugs brought from military museums and shows. And yet, I still keep buying them.
  13. I'm sure that this picture has been posted before but certainly no harm in posting again.

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