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  1. Thanks for confirming that it's Bryan Forbes. I think it is Dave Bedford. I remember that Bedford had a number of falling outs with those in charge of British athletics. I've been unable to find out where in Bermondsey the photo was taken but will keep on looking. Given that Bermondsey is Millwall territory I wonder if those wearing Chelsea kits received any stick.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56236872 Catalan police say they have made several arrests after searching the offices of Spanish side Barcelona. The number of arrests made and the identity of those involved have not yet been confirmed. The police operation was conducted on Monday after an investigation into financial issues at Barcelona. The club's presidential elections take place on Sunday after their previous president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, announced his resignation in October. Barcelona: Six board members resign and criticise club
  3. I think the guy with the jacket is Bryan Forbes the actor and director. I'll need to check but I think the picture was taken in an estate in Bermondsey as I'm sure the picture was posted in one of the Bermondsey forums on Facebook. The bloke in the dark suit behind the players organised the event. Will see if I can find out his name.
  4. Yes, not a bad draw. Good that the first leg is away. WATP.
  5. Another fine result for Rangers. Another high scoring game against Royal Antwerp. Morelos had a superb match and two fine goals by Patterson and Kent. Draw for the next round tomorrow. Could draw an English team. Would be nice if it were Arsenal and beat them so I can wind-up my brother-in-law. Now back to the league and one step closer to 55. WATP
  6. @yorkleyblue Bonnie Raitt is a fine guitarist and has a great voice. I think that she is one of those singers whose voice has got better as she has got older. I've about a dozen of her albums at home. Have only seen her once in concert but that was a great gig. Hope to see her again.
  7. @erskblue You're welcome. On Facebook there is a forum called the Rangers Archives. Some great photos and pictures. It's where I got the pictures from.
  8. Very sad news about Gordon. A fine defender. Let's hope that footballers and other sports people don't have to suffer dementia in the future. The game from 1977 is one of my favourites. A great Scotland side.
  9. The great man would have been 65 today. Sadly missed.
  10. Not sure if posted before. Full Members Cup final.
  11. Indeed. And Scotland had the temerity of scoring first with Narey's great goal. To think that next year will be the 40th anniversary. Where have all the years gone?!
  12. So Popcorn Teeth has left Celtic. The thought of Rangers winning the title at Parkhead must have been too much for him.
  13. @Scott I saw a copy of the picture on Facebook. Possibly posted by the same person. Great picture that you posted. Here's one of my favourite pictures from the match. As mentioned before I knew a guy who was at the game. He bunked off school to go to the match.
  14. Against Moscow Dynamo in 1945. A colour version of a black and white photo.
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