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  1. Off subject a wee bit but someone mentioned earlier about a special players ability to control balls into him and awareness. I haven’t seen much of Man City’s Foden before Sunday’s cup final but that is what stood out to me. His first time control of some difficult passes was immaculate. I think Foden will be a special player. Gilmore showed similar qualities last night and I hope he can fulfil his potential.
  2. So many good performances tonight. Stand outs for me were Kepa, Zouma, Giroud, Pedro (run himself into the ground for us) and MOTM Gilmore.
  3. Unlucky Pedro. He has been working really hard defensively the whole game. Just run out of steam.
  4. I was enjoying our more direct high energy style of play. Got a feeling this might change now.
  5. Dodged a bullet there I feel, even with our lack of quality at the back.
  6. Did Jorginho get booked again, wtf for this time, let me guess, he got the opportunity to leave a really hard tackle in one of Bournemouth’s most dangerous players leaving him hurt and having to be carried off. Or did he get caught out by poor positioning, lack of pace and do a pointless silly foul. That is I think about 10 bookings this year. He is a liability and I’d hook him off.
  7. Very very boring last 5. Really hope we up the tempo when we come out second half and not caught by playing lax football. Bournemouth must come out stronger at the start of the half.
  8. Have to go with @just on this, particularly with Keane. The man was world class. Probably in the premiership top 5 best players. Keane was not just a physical player but had a great engine, good header of the ball, strong in the tackle, great passer and could score goals. Also he was a great leader on the pitch. Must add that I hated the f**king sight of him but have to appreciate his worth. Viera and Essien I don’t rate as highly but both were quality players. Wise although a Chelsea favourite was never in the same league imo.
  9. I don’t think Giroud could do 90 minutes, wasn’t good at it in his younger day, and I’d rather see him on second half. Unfortunately Frank has no other options up front but Bats who is clearly out of his depth. Defenders play with him like I do with my 5 year old grandson. I would like to see Giroud more coming on when Tammy starts. Don't really think there was many options to buy forwards in Jan, don’t think Haaland was ever coming to us. i know he has fans on here but I’m done with Jorginho. He’s weak and adds nothing positive, (wait on all the pointless stats). To me his game is,
  10. Here the ref starts with giving us pointless little free kicks.
  11. I’m with you there, he’s done nothing and should have went 2 up front.
  12. Pedro could do that and get away with it 10 years ago.
  13. Bats involved in every f**king thing that goes wrong even when he doesn’t mean it. go on zurt
  14. I think you’re right. He looks as if he knows he shouldn’t be playing at this level.
  15. You may not like the game as it is, not many do. If you’re saying it wasn’t deliberate fair enough but if it was deliberate it’s a red card.
  16. Bats really is a nothing player. that was a red all day long.
  17. Hull manager sees that Kova had too much space first half and desides to close down quickly. Kova lost at the moment and need to switch on.
  18. Great start to second half for Hull. Chelsea look very suspect at the back. Pedro has forgot to come out this half. Leader needed.
  19. With all our possession we don’t create near enough open chances . Ok there was two one on one but I want to see more chances being cut back to our forwards for first time shots inside the six.
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