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  1. I think 18 points is a big big ask in the current EPL and probably a bit unrealistic. Take this past week and our main challengers all dropped points to so called lesser teams. City draw at home to Southampton. Man U loose at home to Villa. Liverpool draw away to Brentford. I'd be very happy with 14+.
  2. WTF, Maguire really is a terrible defender. Ref took easy way out and didn’t give the foul otherwise it was Red. OGS doing his usual moaning about the ref. Really hope that the red fans don’t catch on to him and what a mediocre manager he is. Got a bad feeling that he could be gone in the not too distant.
  3. Just watched Brentford Pool match on MOTD. People like to wax lyrical about VVD, especially the media but I hear lots on here to. Well yesterday he was dire and it’s not the first time. He was caught out several times by just jogging about and not making enough effort to get into position. He could have done better in each of the goals. Commentator went a bit ott on a last ditch tackle be made near the end but no mention about the rest of his game. Should not be talked about in the same breath as great CHs like JT, Rio, Adam’s,Stan. Best defender in the world!!! He’s not the best in the EPL in fact this season we have 3 playing better.
  4. Poor today, city had a lot more intensity a d deserved the win. Our midfield got overrun and we had no release through our wingback. Alonso and Dave were poor today. Have to try and pick out some positives, apparently it's the modern way. Christensen was excellent again, strong games for Mendy, Rudi and Silva. Main positive for me was RLC coming on. Only on for 20 mins so hard to judge but he looked powerful,fast, skillful in taking on players and positive in his passing. Sort of the exact opposite of Jorginho. Hope he can stay fit and get himself back in as a starter, would be like a new signing. I game to forget, move onwards and upwards.
  5. Have to agree with this. I can understand why this is seen as a huge game, especially to the London based supporters, probably one of the biggest in the season. TT has to think his way round the fixtures to try and steer the team to EPL champions and I can see that he was saving Kante for the more important city game next week. Spurs was a great 45 min runout for the wee man after being out injured for a few weeks.
  6. Silva and Kante masterclasses. Silva gets it. @just remember TT only in EPL a few minutes so he saw our record against spuds and thought ‘Not a HUGE game’, and rightly so. Maybe got caught out with their intensity first half but they were never going to keep that up. Comfortable win again against the spuds.
  7. Yeah @Mod Stark I thought since you’re going so well I’d best copy you!!!🤣 In truth I came on thinking about 3-0 but couldn’t see Kane/Son not scoring so just copy/paste yours and changed the time. f**kers got inside my head, but not as badly as @Valerie ‘s. I agree though that a bonus point for 3 goals predicted would be a nice touch.
  8. I think the way Spuds started caught everyone out. I expected them to park the bus, watching how they’ve played this season and having Nuno as manager. We weathered the storm well, and then just showed our class in second half. Kante was fantastic second half but what a signing Silva has been. Masterclass by both. I think this is my second Silva MOTM vote this season so far. And totally delighted for Kepa. Strongest No2 in the League and I really don’t fear him being selected.
  9. Leicester now two down to Brighton. Sort of gone under the radar a bit but Brendan has had a fairly sh*t start to the season.
  10. I have 3 converted, unfortunately I think that one will follow the red side of Manchester.
  11. The whole family at mine today for dinner @ 5. How did that happen. These things get arranged without my knowledge. Hard to watch in peace with grandkids climbing all over you. No option but to run with it. Enjoy the match everyone, hoping for a 3-1 win.
  12. Haven’t opened this tread since July 2020. Had a scan through and came across lliyaKrostin post from just last May. How a transfer window can chance things. Never expected either to have left the club.
  13. Don’t think we should even try to. I’d have thought 50% sounds fair but we shouldn’t go into competition with clubs like PSG.
  14. I do think he has some points though @Nibs, but I think he is way off in his prediction of 4th/5th. I was hoping TT would move away from the 5 at the back and initially I think most people thought that he would prefer a back 4. I can see why he’s sticking with it as it’s getting results but we are sometimes passing the ball to death against weaker teams. As far as our competitors go. City will be strong but will definitely prioritise the CL. Liverpool are only a couple injuries away from being average but they will play second string for League and FA cups to try and save players. Man Utd have OGS. So I’m hoping to be at least top 2 and with a few things going our way, Champions.
  15. Zenit made it difficult for us with their set up and were disciplined enough to nearly succeed. However we seemed clueless at times with our pointless passing, passing, passing whenever we got nearly their box. There were a lot more opportunities to deliver crosses which were ignored for us to revert to backward and sideward passing. Lukaku is more than decent in the air and I’m not saying to knock in crosses every time but a bit more service please. 66% possession produced 11 shots with 2 on target and is just pish. Hope we can become more productive this season when we meet packed defences because we can be dire to watch.
  16. Hate giving my MOTM to a goalkeeper but this time I’ve no choice. Mendy kept us in the game, along with that master Silva. well played to Kova and Lukaku.
  17. You may move into a cave, it’s happening I’m afraid.
  18. First game and it was a shocker. Just not up to speed yet with the EPL. Really needs to build up his awareness. Its only his first game a d Villa did press well. Think it will take at least to Jan before we can see if he will fit in. Hopefully TT can get him up to speed quickly.
  19. Result: 👍. Will be planned for a European night now no doubt.
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