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  1. Kepa James. Cb. Cb. Left back Kante box to box Ziyech - Havertz - Pulisic ———— Werner ———- The 4231 suits our team well with the new signings. I’d really like us to continue using our young guns too however our defence is clearly our worst area. Midfield and attack is excellent. Mount and Ruben would seriously have to work on their defensive side of their game to ply the role beside Kante. However both are very capable young players. Gilmour and Kova are also capable. I can’t see Barkley here next season though.
  2. In the paper today that his teammates have wished him good luck at Chelsea on social media.
  3. I think a 4231 would be more suitable with the players we have. Pulisic, Werner and Ziyech as a front 3 almost which can present as a 451 whilst defending but 4/5 players in attack. The central person of the ‘3’ is very important though as they’d be expected to drop back into midfield whilst also getting into the box and creating a goal threat. Do you think Havertz or Savic is more suited to this role? The 2 deeper players benefits from a holding player and a box to box. It seems Savic would be more suited to this role than a more advanced player but someone more knowledgable of him may know his best position. Whatever happens, we need a left back and centre backs.
  4. Mount is fantastic and has so much potential but he needs to move a lot more after passing and admiring it. I only watched him more yesterday as my brother had Mount, Willian and Giroud to score and I was urging him to push forward and the amount of times he stood in the same spot after passing out wide instead of bursting into the box showed either a lazy side or lack of tactical knowledge. Its a shame to make the comparison, however he should watch videos of Lampard who was the best pass and move midfielder in memory.
  5. Lampard has to wake up. This is not good enough.
  6. None of the back 4 should be here next season.
  7. We deserved that. Absolutely gutless performance and terrible management from Frank. Embarrassing Chelsea.
  8. Where is the urgency? This is West Ham we are playing ffs!!!!!!
  9. Every single player back to defend a corner against West Ham.
  10. Kepa done well there whilst slightly fortunate.
  11. I don’t expect another Torrgasm as heard in Camp Nou but a bit of enthusiasm wouldn’t go amiss from Neville.
  12. 4 times now the ball has been punted upto Giroud and he’s managed to bring the midfield into play by holding it up. Should have started.

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