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  1. Although the starting formation was poor with players out of position as usual, it’s the changes at 3-2 down. We were absolutely dominant with plenty of time to win the game. West Brom were hanging on and it was only a matter of time. I have 100% confidence we would have won if he swapped Tammy for Giroud and kept the same formation. After he changed it, we looked clueless and players didn’t know their position. Our dominance was nullified by our own managers decisions and we had to scrape an injury time goal. If you read the match thread, everyone but Lampard could see a l
  2. I hope another manager sees this post and shares your sentiments and makes an offer and he leaves. He deserves to be nowhere near Chelsea.
  3. Frank is constantly being schooled by better managers. Today he almost lost to an absolute moron in Bilic. The one thing I hate about hiring legends as managers is the worrying outcome where the fans want him out the club. We are nowhere near this yet, but there’s always that possibility. Something that would never have been a possibility as a player. I’d love him to be successful here but his decision making is embarrassing at times.
  4. He is completely wasted out wide. This is my biggest fear when signing a fast striker - they tend to get shoved out wide to use their pace but he’s not that type of player. He’s a pacey goalscorer.
  5. How can Frank defend his players there? It is simply not good enough and he picks the team. Most of that defence do not belong at Chelsea.
  6. Christensen gets bullied off every striker in the league yet starts most games. I don’t get Frank’s love for him. For someone who played with some outstanding defenders, he is utterly clueless in organising a team defensively. The silver lining in the Liverpool game was the hope that Christensen wouldn’t play another game yet he’s right back in the team. Tammy scored but he holds us back so much. He cannot play a sole striker role. His hold up play is dreadful. Lampard had an absolute shocker today. When we brought it back to 3-2, we were in the ascendency and dominating an
  7. I cannot believe how angry I am after coming back from 3-0 down. This still feels like a loss. Werner is being absolutely wasted playing everywhere but striker. I am positive he was right wing back at one point.
  8. Any other day I’d be delighted with coming back from 3 goals but this is simply not good enough. Horrendous display again. Can not fault the fight of the youngsters though.
  9. Kills me to say this but Frank is so out of his depth it’s unreal. He will be lucky to make it to Christmas. Possibly the worst manager I’ve seen in a long time at setting up a defence and his formation and tactical changes in game. We spent a fortune this summer and we found ourselves 3-0 down to newly promoted West Brom, led by an absolute buffoon in Bilic. Humiliating.
  10. You do not have to have superior football knowledge to know that Giroud for Tammy was the easy sub? Its farcical how tactically inept Lampard has been with this squad. What even formation are we playing now. We’d have won this game if he left the formation as it was. Absolutely awful game management again.
  11. This formation change was idiotic. We look so disjointed now in a game we were controlling.
  12. Giroud for Tammy was the sub. Plenty of time left in this. Shape has left us so open now
  13. Werner is being wasted out wide to accommodate Tammy. Get him central.
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