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  1. I wouldn’t even care about the Europa this season. A domestic treble and automatic CL qualification will wipe Rangers 20m debt. Celtic are already out of one cup, the league appears done in December and if Rangers draw Celtic in the Scottish cup, there’s only one team winning that fixture. If Celtic bin Lennon though, this could change with the transfer window approaching.
  2. It’s hard to imagine Rangers not winning every domestic trophy this season. They have conceded 3 goals in the league this year!
  3. Celtic have their cup final which means 3 games in hand. If you both win all your games and you win the new year game, that will be 19 points ahead.
  4. Yes, I didn’t think you would. Thanks for playing anyway.
  5. Been sent videos of Celtic fans charging at their team bud. Mental
  6. If you find a quote from me saying Lampard hasn’t done this please quote this. I’ll await your reply regardless of how stupid you’re about to look.
  7. Whilst I agree, the players will appreciate the sheer amount of work he puts in. If he was a lazy striker missing everything it would have a far more concerning critique.
  8. The Clyde 1 app has a program called superscoreboard. It is comedy gold today and yesterday. There is a Celtic fan crying as I type.
  9. Arteta won’t last long. An utterly dreadful appointment.
  10. So because Klopp gave him the chance it doesn’t count? What a f**king stupid argument.
  11. Although it’s probably difficult for you, I’ll let you try and work that out. I love it when weirdos attempt to use abusive language online but would cower into a crumbling mess in person. Now that’s the definition of a c**t.
  12. How on earth does a wonderful assist minimise the comment in relation to his poor finishing?
  13. The wording as opposed to intention made it a weird read. Lampard hasn’t had experience whereas Klopp has. It was not a specific dig at Frank but more highlighting the potential of Mount in comparison to someone Klopp has previously brought through. As I mentioned, Gotze at 17, was a quality product who went on to win pretty much everything.
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