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  1. Yep all true - will be confirmed by tmoz
  2. I openly admit I have been one of Torres's critics. Above all it wasn't his goal tally it was his attitude, lack of desire to pull on our shirt, unwillingness to give 100% and play as a Centre Forward should play, let alone one with his reputation and sheer quality he showed at Liverpool. It just shows what a great manager Jose is, that he has given Torres an extra yard of pace and the thought of mind to work for the team and be proud to wear our shirt with passion and commitment. He was outstanding yesterday credit where credit is due. He also was brilliant against Spurs and
  3. At this rate our loan players are going to cost us big time ! It was daft to loan Moses to Liverpool - he's sure to link up with Sturridge and Liverpool in the top four mix would be a nightmare !
  4. Talking about the alcohol ban - anyone remember stepping off the plane in Stockholm in 98 and getting the letter from the local police that anyone found drinking in anything but a restaurant would be arrested along with those who urinated in public. Cue hundreds of Chels' with a huge cardboard cutout outside a chemist looking like Ed De Goey out on the street with bottles of grolsh and as we waited for buses to the ground loads pissing on the green ! Not to mention the pub next to the ground rammed full until ko and the turnstiles being left open for us !
  5. Think Silkman is trying to drum up wages - sky are reporting now on yellow bar 'Arsenal bid 42.5 million for Ozil' cannot see us getting involved anywhere near that price !
  6. Ozil according to Barry Silkman via sky feed going to Arsenal but Chelsea considering late approach
  7. Strong rumours circulating that Chelsea were prepared to sell Moses to Liverpool but Jose was concerned he would have an impact like that of Sturridge on merseyside. It really is a concern we are strengthening a rival when it is obvious had we not given them Sturridge on a silver platter they would be out of the carling cup let alone leading the premiership at our expense ! Brendon Rogers knows our team inside out the worry is he will entice a few young starlets to Anfield from our academy in years to come. Personally if it is indeed as expected to be confirmed as a loan deal I'd rather it
  8. Scouse rag last night reporting Suarez move with Moses and Mikel part ex !
  9. Beat me to it before I edited it Oscar in !
  10. Those questioning Jose are clearly unaware about his principles about squad cover and rotation. When he says he wants a 22 man squad what he really means is that he requires cover for every position, in whatever formation he chooses. He has 'paired' players throughout his career and only fell out with Chelsea because of centre half cover during his previous spell here. Cech Schwarzer Azpilicueta Ivanovic Cole Bertrand Luiz Kalas Terry Cahill Essien Ramires Lampard Marco van Ginkel Mata De Bruyne Schurrle Hazard Lukaku Torres Willian Oscar Eto
  11. This smacks also of a revert to Jose's favoured 4-3-3
  12. My thinking exactly. We look nailed on for Willian, Rooney will stay at United without signing a new deal, Bale and possibly Suarez will sign for Real Madrid. Mikel, Moses and possibly Ba will be sold. Thinking Galatasaray, Everton and West Brom respectively.
  13. C'mon C'mon come along and sing this song, we're the boys in blue from division two and we won't be there for long ...
  14. Is the ground still next to the market ?
  15. This was the game for certain. They came up the steps as I said near the T bar, what I clearly remember is seeing them leave via the top of the North Stand. My thoughts at the time were that they were off to Fulham Broadway early, it was the first memory I had of anyone getting into the Shed.
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