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  1. I remember going to that used to be at Wembley Arena , given the players above Vince Hilare from Palace was the stand out player
  2. but has he ??? the ground swell feeling is that his football is boring , not attractive , predictable and painful to watch .....fans are turned off by it and starting to voice there opinion by non attendance . For the first time in years it is pretty easy to get a ticket for a game as plenty are available .....that will be his downfall
  3. True , and I suppose we were only a few year out of rationing . Humbling to think 90% of the people in that picture were affected or had a story to tell about WW2 in some way given it only ended 10 years prior ...
  4. Guessing this is the Football League Trophy so must be from the start of 1956/57 season as it looks warm and everyone has sleeves rolled up , how come there is so many white shirts in the crowd anyone got any ideas ??
  5. nah looks right sure that is Gordon Davies with the tache and possibly Roy Wergele with the beard ?
  6. and getting totally mugged at Bournemouth 4-0 is acceptable because we had 73% possession ?
  7. That's me then .... football genius my f*ckin a*se ....
  8. they are knackered .... the pace in the EPL is too high and the EPL is to physical for it to work . Italy is a level slower and play is broken down repeatedly for fouls which are not fouls in the EPL giving players time to re-position, catch a breath I am also beginning to believe a lot of players are of the thinking that running my f**kin nuts of for 98 mins to win 1-0 at best or get beat is bollocks and to get the ball 8 times in the possession phase and I have moved 4 meters forward and still no shot on goal whilst I can see the opposition goal keeper taking selfies as he is bored as f**k too.....reckon the goose is cooked for me
  9. Lets see if he is at Wembley Sunday .....
  10. maybe not commercials but some football opinions would be valid ...
  11. Think he has been given a fair chance , the fact his brand of football is boring , nor bringing results lacking any passion or desire and we the fans have lost all faith in him is not a knee jerk one result reaction ... You are talking to fan base that has seen a lot of good and bad football and are very knowledgeable in regards to players and tactics ...to ignore them is a massive mistake
  12. If we get half a chance of getting Zidane in we should do all we can to give him the job .......Sarri ball will not work with players who are trained from 8 to think and play in 1 meter , 10 meter boxes . His project is total bollocks and only fit for FIFA ...if you have more loses draws than wins maybe you should realize its f*cked .
  13. Go for me , terrible appointment from the get go .. A manager with no trophies in 20 years and a manager who has lost or drawn more games than he has won ......screams to me his methods and tactics do not work ... https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/maurizio-sarri/leistungsdatenDetail/trainer/10073/plus/0?saison_id=&verein_id=&liga=&wettbewerb_id=&trainer_id= I don't enjoy his football I find it boring , predictable and easy to stop and break up. A lot of running,ponceing around with no end product ,how many times have we seen 48 passes for pass 49 to break down and repeat and we start again .......... it is not direct enough or fluid enough to cope with fast counter attacks . Any ball sport is won with width and pace which we fail to do abysmally. We are a very poor man's le Arse ....the football he wants to play is like a Chateau Lafite Rothschild poured by a sommelier, a very acquired taste only enjoyed by a few where as a good fully blooded Red Bordeaux is enjoyed by many and does the job with a lot less fuss and f*cking around
  14. I do blame him for not adapting and learning how to play in the EPL . It was clear Ref's had his card marked very early on as a faker and he needed to be taken out by the neck to get a free kick ... but he still went to ground far to easy every game ...
  15. Kepper - 9/10 Midfield - 8/10 ( bit overloaded here ) Striker - -100000000000000000000000......000000000000000000000000000000000000000000023882 +++++++ f*cked up here well and truly

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