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  1. He would not have taken the job unless he is going to be backed heavily in the transfer market , look at his contract $15 mil a year ?? Never has and never will take a job without a big transfer budget available With the NFL contract and increased revenue from the new stadium there will be a lot of money available to him I think this is the first of a number of big deals for Rottenham. His backroom staff appointments are more interesting some very highly rated coaches joining from Lille , he will obviously take the credit but lets see how they are playing in 6 weeks
  2. just when you think he couldn't raise the bar even higher for the most hated man in football role he does this .............. at least they are getting the 2019 version of JM not the 2004 version starting to look more more like Gloria Swanson .... " I am big ..........it's the clubs that got smaller "
  3. Did we f*ck ....... Bournemouth away last year ................nuff said
  4. Maybe just maybe this could not all be Luiz fault ..... you sign a new contract you are happy to have committed to the club and then have the rug pulled from under you by a cheeky Le Arse bid ... you hope the club/manager say thanks for the calll but not going to happen but they say sure how much ?? reckon I would be p*ssed off too That said Cech may have told Le Arse he is possibly available if things are not going well in training ....
  5. out of interest why do you think this ?
  6. Very Happy to see Frank back home and of course Jody . It's Chelsea , we all know it's going to be a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows lets hope there are more highs than lows . Fingers crossed the internet "fans ? " allow a team and ethos to be built and mature . If Roman gets to fulfill his aim of creating a dynasty and legacy at Chelsea where we have past present and future full of Chelsea blood at the heart and every level of the club now is the time. Does he have enough experience ? have a look at the managers at club and international level he has played under ....I don't think for one second he hasn't studied and worked out the best and worst of each manager and used these times to bring together his own methods . He knows how important the DNA of a dressing room is and how to create a winning team. Exciting times , I can't wait for the journey to begin
  7. I remember going to that used to be at Wembley Arena , given the players above Vince Hilare from Palace was the stand out player
  8. True , and I suppose we were only a few year out of rationing . Humbling to think 90% of the people in that picture were affected or had a story to tell about WW2 in some way given it only ended 10 years prior ...
  9. Guessing this is the Football League Trophy so must be from the start of 1956/57 season as it looks warm and everyone has sleeves rolled up , how come there is so many white shirts in the crowd anyone got any ideas ??
  10. nah looks right sure that is Gordon Davies with the tache and possibly Roy Wergele with the beard ?
  11. and getting totally mugged at Bournemouth 4-0 is acceptable because we had 73% possession ?
  12. That's me then .... football genius my f*ckin a*se ....
  13. they are knackered .... the pace in the EPL is too high and the EPL is to physical for it to work . Italy is a level slower and play is broken down repeatedly for fouls which are not fouls in the EPL giving players time to re-position, catch a breath I am also beginning to believe a lot of players are of the thinking that running my f**kin nuts of for 98 mins to win 1-0 at best or get beat is bollocks and to get the ball 8 times in the possession phase and I have moved 4 meters forward and still no shot on goal whilst I can see the opposition goal keeper taking selfies as he is bored as f**k too.....reckon the goose is cooked for me
  14. If we get half a chance of getting Zidane in we should do all we can to give him the job .......Sarri ball will not work with players who are trained from 8 to think and play in 1 meter , 10 meter boxes . His project is total bollocks and only fit for FIFA ...if you have more loses draws than wins maybe you should realize its f*cked .
  15. Yep my pet hate to ... Cech always killed the game it either went out of play or he held and smothered the ball but it went dead . Hate keepers that keep the ball live by parrying it or punching out the box ....defenders nightmare as you never know where the ball will end up . I don't think this is a panic buy as we had 2 previous bids turned down in July ... I really like the look of him and think we have a gem of a player on the books and one prepared to work on his game to improve
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