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  1. The Doc must have said something funny because George Graham and Ken Shellito are pissing themselves.
  2. Brian Mears on the right and Bruce Buck in the flat cap.
  3. A bit like Craven Cottage with that building stuck in the corner. I wonder if their stands actually looked like that?
  4. Yeah, dirty, cynical player who would scream blue murder if he got one back. I've seen him going in two footed many times.
  5. Yes, we were flying at that time. We really thought we could win the League that season. We seemed a yard faster around the pitch than anybody else, then one month later, Ossie got his leg broken by Emlyn Hughes and it knocked us sideways. We were never the same again for the rest of the season.
  6. That looks like Chris Sutton putting in a challenge.
  7. Maybe Finnieston and Maybank. Haven't got a clue who the Stockport players are though!
  8. Yeah, Players Weights were lethal. They didn't have a filter, but they were my mum's choice until she succumbed to the Big C.
  9. I remember Bonetti making a monumental error one game, when he dropped the ball behind his head and it trickled over the line. He started to wear gloves after that.
  10. Looks more like a body slam than a tackle. Either way, well done Ron.
  11. Did Tambling score the goal as that's Ron Tindall moving ion to pick up the scraps? Looks like Greavsie behind him. Terry Neill in the background, who went on to manage Arsenal with great success.
  12. Bobby Smith putting the boot in. Liked the bright lights when he was at Stamford Bridge according to my cousin. We sold him for a fair amount of money to Spurs though.
  13. Up against Colin Todd there. An England international and a terrific defender.
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