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  1. It looks like Hazard will be fit. I don't know how he keeps bouncing back. He was hacked to pieces in that first half against Slavia Prague.
  2. With The Sponge at the front of the queue, as per usual.
  3. Spitting Image was brilliant, taking the piss out of all and sundry. Even the Royal family weren't spared. Can you imagine that happening today? The snowflakes and the tree grabbers would be up in arms. Ben Elton recently described it as "talking on eggshells". A shame because there are plenty of candidates on TV, who take themselves far too seriously, and are ripe for the pisstake.
  4. I remember him as a reasonable centre half, steady but lacked pace. He was playing when Greavsie was banging them in for us, but we were leaking loads of goals at the other end. No, not our finest hour defensively although he did play plenty of times for us.
  5. At least Clive saw the funny side of it.
  6. Yeah, the John Travolta bandana is a definite giveaway.
  7. Barry Lloyd and Chico Hamilton, a couple of fringe players in the picture who did well at other clubs.
  8. On another football forum I frequent, there's a Spurs supporter who calls himself AlfieConn. He's a right pain up the backside, a bit like the player was.
  9. The old east stand. I remember standing on the terracing below the stand, when Roy Bentley lifted the First Division championship in 1955. I've got a memory like a sieve, but that sticks out.
  10. All the kids at the front, as it was normal in those days to pass them down from the back.
  11. Ossie pushing the defender in the back before getting the 1-2 off the keeper
  12. I've got two entries in my old passport, one for entering Greece on 19th. May '71 and one for leaving on 20 May. I can remember getting on a coach and my arse'ole collapsing as we were on it for hours, but the lads we got talking to were a riot, so the time went by pretty well . The place where the stadium was, was a khasi though.
  13. I think that's Mike Brolly standing behind Les Briley.

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