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  1. stevo

    Didier Drogba - Happy Retirement To The King

    Spurs are a sh*t club going nowhere. Must be frustrating for the amoeba that follow them.
  2. stevo

    Didier Drogba - Happy Retirement To The King

    Kane will never achieve what Drogba has.
  3. stevo

    Didier Drogba - Happy Retirement To The King

    Dear oh dear. Kane is no where close to the Drog in ANY aspect. He’s mentally weak, won f**k all and has no ambition. His choice of club proves that.
  4. stevo

    2028/19 kit?

    Wow. Matches the hats the boys wear in my local kebab shop.
  5. stevo

    How much time will Sarri get?

    Hooww queer!
  6. stevo

    Eden Hazard

    Again I’ll disagree. hes Only shone when everyone else was on form.
  7. stevo

    Eden Hazard

    I’ll disagree with that. He’s not a player that can single handedly take hold of a game and lift the team to win. I don’t think this is the worst team in 20 years. Was only a year ago that they were champions.
  8. stevo

    Eden Hazard

    Take into account the era and team he played in then yes he was.
  9. stevo

    Eden Hazard

    Well in my book to achieve legend status you need to have won more than that and had something a bit more special than what he has. Legend is a word that is thrown about way too much.
  10. stevo

    Eden Hazard

    I’m not crying. We never had sh*t seasons like this with the old lot. That’s a fact. Hazard is a sulk. Turns up when he feels like.
  11. stevo

    Eden Hazard

    He can’t be classed as a legend.
  12. stevo

    Eden Hazard

    Get back to your PlayStation. Mug.
  13. stevo

    Eden Hazard

    You always talk sh*t.
  14. stevo

    Eden Hazard

    Not as much as you.
  15. The players are useless c**ts.