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  1. Those burgers look good.
  2. I’m no fan of the sh*t from the Lane. But fair play to Dier. Family’s family.
  3. Obviously at the upper end of the gene pool for a scouser.
  4. Billy Gilmour. What a player. Chelsea’s very own Billy Whizz.
  5. Love how the bbc crew can’t contain their support for the w**kers.
  6. Personally I don't see this as that huge game. Every game against those vile c**ts is a must win for me. Can’t stand em.
  7. I can see them messing everything up from now on.
  8. Used to watch him play regularly for the youth team years ago. Always thought he looked good.
  9. Mourinho is a Bitter c**t. He will never be the best manager that ever lived.
  10. Didn’t even bother with any post match bollocks. Whistle went, coat on, kiss the mrs goodnight, PUB.
  11. Spurs are c**ts, their players are c**ts and their support are all c**ts. Merry Christmas to all the true blues out there. UP THE CHELS!
  12. Yeah you can almost hear the exact phrases. ‘Great to have him back’ ‘tactical master class’ ........

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