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  1. I’m the words of Richard Keys ‘Do me a favour!’
  2. Wonder what kick it out make of Tommy Smiths comments about Howard Gayle?
  3. That wasn’t a mistake. It’s total arrogance and disregard for the manager and the team.
  4. Anything less than the sack is Not acceptable for team like Chelsea. I can’t believe people are saying he should be let off.
  5. That f**king c**t Kepa should never play for the club again. Total disregard for the team and manager. What a c**t.
  6. No way. No players with the heart and character of the team we had back then. Sparky tore them a new one.
  7. He needs to resign. It’s like the team don’t care either. Let’s hope we put some effort in second half.
  8. Spurs are c**ts. They know it every day when they look in the mirror.
  9. Agree with the above. Looks like the weights been lifted and looking relaxed and back to his old self.
  10. Great result. Hate that club so much. Still get goose bumps when I see the replay of The Drog turning Gallas and smashing it in the back of the net.
  11. And the sh*t from the Lane have won f**k all again ........
  12. Wouldn’t want Frank to manage Chelsea. He doesn’t deserve to be treated like sh*t.

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