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  1. Probably because there are no scousers in the team. The supporters are vile c**ts that are not easy on the eye and are definitely not easy on the ear. Annoying Whiney voiced rat c**ts.
  2. Ole s accent reminds me of Julio Geordio from Harry Enfield and Chums.
  3. The sh*t from the lane drop three points. Great stuff.
  4. Follower from 04 onwards. Lol. Says all you need to know about that c**t. f**k him and his opinion.
  5. It’s not garbage it’s a fair assessment of the position the club is in.
  6. Lol. Know what you mean. Mind you if it all goes wrong for him he’d make a great bouncer.
  7. We were a completely different team compared to Sunday. Vast improvement.
  8. Why oh why didn’t Pedro take the last one. Great performance by the boys tonight.
  9. Looking good Chels. Keep it going. Come on you blues!
  10. This is a trophy and Lamps first chance of silverware. Would be a great morale boost if we win. A trophy could give the team the taste for glory and motivate them to kick on and have a great season.
  11. As Keys and Gray once said ‘Do me a favour’
  12. The commentators will all be sitting there with their red shirts and a semi on. I’ll be watching with the sound off. Until we score.
  13. Seems ok today. Not happened once. Couldn’t get on here at all after the match yesterday.
  14. I only get it when I log onto this site. Maybe THe Shed End has been hijacked by some sort of malware ? I know absolutely nothing about this sort of thing so it’s just a wild guess.
  15. Yes today. Happened a few days earlier as well.

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