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  1. Frank will always be a legend and remembered for his long list of achievements at Chelsea. He’s a winner and a true gent.
  2. If he’s got previous for upsetting his employers, he won’t be here long.
  3. I’m no fan of the sh*t from the Lane. But fair play to Dier. Family’s family.
  4. Obviously at the upper end of the gene pool for a scouser.
  5. Billy Gilmour. What a player. Chelsea’s very own Billy Whizz.
  6. Love how the bbc crew can’t contain their support for the w**kers.
  7. Personally I don't see this as that huge game. Every game against those vile c**ts is a must win for me. Can’t stand em.
  8. Used to watch him play regularly for the youth team years ago. Always thought he looked good.
  9. Mourinho is a Bitter c**t. He will never be the best manager that ever lived.
  10. Didn’t even bother with any post match bollocks. Whistle went, coat on, kiss the mrs goodnight, PUB.
  11. Spurs are c**ts, their players are c**ts and their support are all c**ts. Merry Christmas to all the true blues out there. UP THE CHELS!
  12. Yeah you can almost hear the exact phrases. ‘Great to have him back’ ‘tactical master class’ ........
  13. Victory over two sh*t sides and the media will be shooting their load all over Mourinho’s face.
  14. Lol. That made me chuckle. Maybe he’s following Super Franks example.
  15. He won’t have the money he likes to have. Plus this new generation of players don’t seem to get motivated by his personality anymore. If he couldn’t succeed at United he has little chance with those w**kers.
  16. Jose is best off as a pundit now. Remember when he threw his toys out the pram at Redknapp and Neville’s remarks when he was managing us. Morris’s reaction was more subtle than his was.
  17. Its so obvious it’s not even funny. Wonder if anyone with the power too will step in to stop it. Or have they all had their palms greased?
  18. Long way to go yet. I believe there will be more twists and turns to come.
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