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  1. does he know where Huddersfield is?
  2. me thinks a visit to the bookies tomorrow, should be a good price,will get back to you Seven Times...........................
  3. I think some on here might be surprised later, a 2/1 away win me thinks
  4. not overly chuffed but hope it works out for him, will be very glad to be proved wrong.My Everton loving mate is in meltdown all day,which is good, and tonights result wont have helped either.HAHA.
  5. Mr Mercedes with Brendan Gleeson, seems like a decent adaptation of Mr.King's novel
  6. Chelsea got into the next round after calling correctly the toss of a coin,following a playoff in the San Siro.A much simpler time...............
  7. a bit before my time sparkplug, its from a collection of programmes my uncle kept when he lived in Putney between 1955 and 1972.His daughter, my cousin, passed them on to me a few years ago.He passed away in 1983 and they are like gold dust to me.
  8. a couple of images of the oldest programme in my collection

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