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  1. Thank the gods Liam still posts on here
  2. maddoo

    We've got a new Kepa

    does he know where Huddersfield is?
  3. me thinks a visit to the bookies tomorrow, should be a good price,will get back to you Seven Times...........................
  4. I think some on here might be surprised later, a 2/1 away win me thinks
  5. 2/1 away win you heard it here first
  6. A Giroud hat trick in a 4/0 win,you heard it here first guys............................
  7. 1 nil away win.......................I think
  8. a rather nervy 2/1 home win and get Liverpool in the next round, oh wait hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  9. Im getting really good at this prediction stuff
  10. a sneaky 2/1 away win I think
  11. dont like this fixture at all, sorry but I see a 1-1
  12. a 2-0 home win, can feel it in my water
  13. This could be a dodgy fixture but we should have enough to make 4th round, a 3/1 away win I think
  14. maddoo

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    not overly chuffed but hope it works out for him, will be very glad to be proved wrong.My Everton loving mate is in meltdown all day,which is good, and tonights result wont have helped either.HAHA.
  15. a 1 nil away win thanks to Willian