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  1. It's a huge improvement over last season's away shirt, I like the colour scheme but the sponsor logo ruins it. I hope 3 are paying a sh*tload of money for the privilege of sh*tting all over our shirts for a few years. The neck band looks a bit weird as well with the yellow bit at the front, I don't know why they did that. It makes it look like there's a tiny little black collar.
  2. Oh I see now, it was just MB being a SC. At first I thought it was that ddrblue(?) bloke back again with slightly better spelling.
  3. I really shouldn't be taking the piss out of anybody's spelling, and I was also tripped up by autocorrect in my own very brief post, but when you sign up to a forum and one of your first posts includes a denial of the existence of institutional racism in England, then it will tend to set alarm bells ringing. There was another poster here until recently with terrible spelling that used to say similar things. He's banned now, again, I think.
  4. 'Instertunail' racism does not mean that everybody in the country is an out-and-out racist. But most of the people I've seen denying its existing have been.
  5. It just demonstrates a total lack of class, and I don't remember this booing of every national anthem as being normal in the past. I also didn't like it when they booed Chiesa when he limped off injured. The England fans were a massive embarrassment on the whole, but that's nothing new.
  6. I'm not too bothered by England losing, for me international tournaments are just a means to fill the footballing void during the off-season, but I do feel very sorry for Baka today. No way should a 19-year-old kid be taking the decisive 5th penalty in a major final. The poor kid was distraught afterwards, and this will probably stick with him for his entire career. You'd think Southgate, of all people, would have known better. I suppose it's good that Southgate has assumed full responsibility, but it's still a bizarre decision, and not the only one he made last night. Anyway, only another 33 days now until proper football starts up again.
  7. This Italian left back looks the business.
  8. I’m enjoying seeing Mount get the better of Jorginho so far.
  9. That was a genuinely good goal. Starting with Mount driving the ball forwards, of course.
  10. Jesus Christ, has Shaw played a single forward pass yet?
  11. Shaw looks like he’s wearing a pair of comedy breasts, ready to be flashed in case he ever gets to do a goal celebration. That’s dedication.
  12. The German commentator said “Grealish, very popular in England“, which threw me a bit. I kind of assumed he annoyed everybody as much as he annoys us … and f**ksake, it had to be Sterling.
  13. I think they even booed the coin toss. Maybe the ref tossed a Euro instead of a Great British pound.
  14. Such a negative line up for what is basically a home game, and the c**t fans are embarrassing with their booing of everything. As an Englishman living in Germany I was pretty neutral beforehand, but now I’m firmly Team Deutschland. Hope Werner gets a hat trick.
  15. I'm sure everybody will be thrilled to know that the England band are supposed to be back in the stadium tonight.
  16. The German commentator thinks the first half was our best half of football in the Euros so far. I suppose that’s technically true.
  17. Too many people get their information from random arseholes on Facebook these days.
  18. What a load of f**king nonsense.
  19. I agree, simplify the rule so that they only have to consider the players' feet, and always give the forward the benefit of the doubt if it's not obvious with the naked eye that he's offside. If they have to start drawing lines and angles then it's too close to call and should be considered onside. I have no evidence for this, but there definitely seems to be more goals ruled out these days, which isn't good for the game.
  20. Saw Calm With Horses at the weekend, an Irish film about a washed-up ex boxer who ends up working as an enforcer for a local family of drug dealers. Brutal and depressing, I really enjoyed it.
  21. Well then, we can all go back to hating Spurs now. Let’s forget this thread ever happened.
  22. Can’t believe the pundits are criticising Tuchel for getting the fans riled up. They are the 12th man, why would he not do it?
  23. Great bit of play that, and Havertz is cool as f**k. Also gotta credit Werners’s movement for dragging the defender away and creating the Space for Havertz.
  24. Watching Sterling run in slow mo is always hilarious.
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