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  1. Will he ever learn the strength of the premier league? Woeful performance from all involved tonight!
  2. Kepa is full goodfellas with that haircut! Funny, I’m funny how?
  3. If UEFA & FIFA carry out the threat to ban players from breakaway clubs playing for their country, will younger players want to play for those clubs? Will the super league become a competition for has been looking for a final payday?
  4. I don’t see UEFA totally dropping the CL this season, to much money involved.
  5. Can you give me all the qualities you believe that Tammy has that will make him an absolute ‘MONSTER’ of a striker? I’m just not seeing it on 2 years performances with us so far! I see an average player that has scored against lesser teams, and failed to perform in big games when it matters.
  6. I couldn’t disagree with you more if I tried. Football is about risk & reward, if their is no risk, why bother? I’d genuinely walk away from the sport I’ve loved all my life.
  7. I think a lot of fans have very blue tinted specs on because he came through the academy they’re desperate for him to succeed. In truth he doesn’t do the simple things well & we’re not looking at a player that we think could be a top top player, the basics just aren’t there. He’s not quick, he’s not strong in the air, he doesn’t occupy defenders with clever movement, his control is fairly poor and he doesn’t bring others into play! Yes he’s scored goals but look at who he’s scored against, correct me if I’m wrong but 1 goal against a traditional top 6 team, and that was arsenal 😂
  8. On my stream, the fake crowd noise was the Willian song a minute ago 😂
  9. We were 1-0 up when we went to 10 men, it was just so reactionary to bring on a defender. Hindsight is wonderful thing, but letting the team settle for 5 minutes would seem a sensible move to me? Lets not forget a big part of TTs appointment was his coaching abilities and in game management. Time to earn your corn TT.
  10. 3 early kick offs against very beatable teams, 7 points dropped, in each game a ‘weakened’ team has been put out. TT needs to learn now, this is a tough league with different styles of play & players that will battle to the very end. This performance by both players & manager wasn’t remotely good enough, but as many have found out to their cost, the buck stops with the manager!
  11. Sammy Lee on WBA bench, altogether now...... he’s short he’s round, his arse drags on the ground, Sammy Lee, Sammy Lee
  12. If the PL ever want us relegated, a season of 12:30 kick offs should do it!
  13. If TT makes changes like this for the semi, all of Man U, Leicester or City will destroy us, let’s all pray for Southampton!
  14. Is TT starting to realise that there are no easy games against premier league opposition. You ain’t in France or Germany anymore.
  15. Shows how much the younger fans don’t care about Chelsea’s history, none of the usual trappy lot are posting! Games diabolical by the way.
  16. Ball hits the back of McGoldricks legs & the commentator says it’s unlucky, no he’s just a dogsh*t player 😂
  17. Perhaps I should continue to hoover if that’s how it’s going to be!
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