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  1. Mad Max Fury Road, fantastic film! I don't like the originals and I'm not a big fan of action movies but this film blew me away! By far the best experience I've had at a cinema! 10/10, highly recommend!
  2. Great film, picked it up in HMV about a month ago, it surprised me tbh.
  3. I saw Kingsman yesterday.. Top film! I recommend going to see it, there's a scene in a church and freebird is playing, it's absolutely top notch! Like Richard above, I give it a 9/10
  4. Can't get enough of this track right now:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kRgffajZvw
  5. I watched Side Effects last night, it was alright. It's about a young woman taking prescription drugs because she's suffering with depression. She then murders her fella & the story unravels from there. I won't go in to it too much just in case anybody decides to watch it.
  6. I watched Prisoners Sunday night.. was a cracking film if you like thrillers.. a bit like Seven... good twist, great plot, fantastic acting etc.. would highly recommend it.
  7. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Did you watch it in 3-D? because I didn't and I thought it was terrible, don't get me wrong, the visuals were stunning, but overall... crap! Looking forward to The Hobbit now, oh yes!
  8. This is on Fifa '14, I bought the album last week, can't stop listening to it. The artist name is St. Lucia, the album's called 'When The Night'. Decent!

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