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  1. A good start for United, no doubt about it. I won't worry about Lukaku until he becomes consistent, however. If he scores in his next outings, I may revise my view. However, Matic is more of a worry. He's brought a coherence to Utd that they've missed in recent seasons. He wasn't cheap but by God he looks great value for money. An ok start for us. It's hard to gauge how good we are as Newcastle are not the strongest opposition. I feel a bit sorry for Rafa tbh; North East clubs still struggle to attract players.
  2. I agree with that 100%. Moral issues aside, I can't see how the current model can be sustained. I don't know what happened to FFP. I don't know if it's even a thing these days, in practice.
  3. Where does it stop though? How long til we see a player sold for a quarter of a billion? There must (I hope) be a natural value level?
  4. Some of this window's other prices confirm that. It's long past the level where a single player can be 'worth' more than the entire cost - players, backroom staff, grounds - of entire lower leagues. I still can't see how BT makes money from the EPL while chucking money at clubs.
  5. There was that hype. The whole pre-season coverage was wrong and the media couldn't acknowledge it. Being honest, most punditry is sort of educated guesswork. The media want angles but the clubs are more important than managerial rivalry.
  6. It's an annoying double standard. Pep was so hyped, perhaps the media felt they had to cut him some slack, as an alternative to admitting they were wrong.
  7. That's true. I hope Pep does try to change Walker as City's defence was poor at times last season. Pep was very slow to adapt to the PL and, generally, was given a free pass by the media. An English manager, given such a large club, would have been held more to account.
  8. So Walker's left us for City. No issue with that particularly: his head was turned and the price was good, and a tidy profit. My issue (and I am late to realise this) is that, at the very top clubs, there's little skill in making transfers. Walker is a good player, well established and known to be reliable. City have just, it seems, said 'He's good. Buy him and the manager can fit him into our system and make it work'. It's, superficially, as basic a process as choosing players for playground football. 'He's good - pick him'. I appreciate that a lot more skill goes into identifying talented players in lower leagues, or from abroad, but the top clubs are just buying 'good' players because they seem safe buys. Put another way, did Jose want Lukaku specifically or did he want any forward from a list of recognised, capable, PL forwards? Was Lukaku a case of 'We need a 20+ a season striker; find one'. Was Walker bought because he fitted a very short description of 'good right back'? E. g. 'We need a good right back, get me one'.?
  9. He is a good buy but arguably no more consistent than he was at CFC. He's not a goal a game forward and there'll be a weight of expectation on his shoulders. Still, a statement of intent from Utd.
  10. Perhaps it is the case that some players get so caught up in the game their instincts are reduced and they end up in situations they might otherwise avoid? Good point re. it likely being just another mugging.
  11. I think it's the suggestion that he put himself in a dangerous situation (unknown private property) due to game. There are reports of people being mugged after chasing Pokemon into "bad" areas.
  12. Blimey. I saw the news item about two US guys walking off a cliff catching Pokemon but murder? Jeez.
  13. I find the whole thing a bit mad. Only a matter of time before someone gets killed playing the game* There is sound after 0.16. * May already have happened.
  14. And he's walked 225km and he's still that fat?? How big was he before?
  15. BR's problem is he talks so much, his words cease to have impact. I wonder if that's a problem with manager/team communication?

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