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  1. Soulo

    Club's investment into the squad

    It´s a mess from every aspect. The club can´t expect results if they don´t give the coach their full support but honestly I´m tired of hearing excuses from Conte. Sure, the squad is not what it should be but that´s your issue to figure out and he hasn´t really tried anything, we´ve been running the same scheme for the entire season so no wonder nothing has changed. I didn´t expect us to compete in the league or CL this year but losing to Arsenal in the cup semis is unacceptable.
  2. Soulo

    Club's investment into the squad

    Between who? The man has 12 goals in 25 appearances this season. Morata has 12 in 30. Besides that, Batshuayi compliments the play of Hazard much better than Morata who on his day can head the ball but on most occasions is a lump of tree holding up in the box.
  3. Soulo

    Club's investment into the squad

    There is no way that the reigning English champions with Hazard and Courtois on the team can´t attract top quality talent. It seems that the club´s priority is no longer to compete for the Champions League as it has been since Abramovich took over, but more so investing in players that we can sell on for a profit in a couple of years. It´s clear that the club is not going to support Conte and I would be surprised to see him at the helm when we play our first game next season. So why spend this money now on Dzeko and Palmieri? It makes no sense. With Hazard and Courtois running down their contracts the club´s priority should be getting that issue solved first. We´re clearly not winning anything this year so why not save the money and go after Griezmann in the summer? That would be the sensible thing to do, but then again only if your objective is to win, which I´m not sure we´re trying to do anymore. And the club owes an apology for Batshuayi, the fact he´s still not starting or at least rotating with Morata is beyond insanity.
  4. Soulo

    Peter Crouch

    So, this is what we´ve come down to?
  5. Soulo

    Your Alltime Rubbish Chelsea Team

    Marko Marin x11
  6. If you´re not a fan of JK Rakvere Tarvas of the Estonian first divison you should unsubscribe from these forums.
  7. Soulo

    Hallo from Norway

    For a couple more days I´m one of those few. Which part of Norway are you in? I´ve been living in Geiranger for the past 6 months, I must say, It´s an expensive ass country.
  8. Soulo

    WC 2018

    Beg pardon?
  9. Soulo

    WC 2018

    It´s time for Belgium to make some noise, hoping to catch a game or two in St. Petersburg as it´s not more than 400km from my hometown, also hoping not to get stabbed. The plan is to wear all beige, not to give away any clues about being a football fan or any allegiances. We´ll see what happens.
  10. Soulo

    FIFA 18

    Playing NBA2K18 this year and it reminds me of how little EA think of their loyal fanbase. The series has been stagnant since Fifa 13 and has come to a point where I am willing to spend the money every other year to see at least some sort of progress to the game. What did they add this year? Cutscenes to contract negotiations? That must've been hard work fitting it all in the game in 12 months.
  11. There lies my issue, I bought it in Estonia but I won´t be back there until christmas. I could have it mailed back but that would take forever and I´m not keen on spending all that time without a computer.
  12. Aloha people, My laptop has started making a crikey noise whenever it starts up, It seems to be the fan. It´s a month old computer so age is not the problem, but dust could be. I´m thinking of opening it up and seeing if something has got in there that´s causing the ruckus, is that a fantastic or slightly bad idea? Anything to watch out for should I open it up?
  13. Soulo

    What are you listening to?

    Bon Iver's new album is pure brilliance.