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  1. Tammy is a championship level scorer as of now.. there´s no guarantee he will even manage to score in in the Prem. *fingers crossed*
  2. Are they being linked with Diego Costa?
  3. Quite possibly an impossible question. Let´s see who is ready to step up and take the responsibility. Pedro is a good bet to knock his share in, but I hope at least one of the strikers will manage to score a solid 15 for the season.
  4. On Wednesday, Arsenal boss Unai Emery said his target would target "very big, very expensive" players in the transfer market. Look out for Arsenal making a £75 million offer for Adebayo Akinfenwa. Peter Crouch is also being offered a chance to make retirement u-turn with a £400,000 per week 5-year contract on the table from the North London side.
  5. Are you really blaming this kid for questioning our credibility of coming good on him? We´ve had 15 years of huge potential go down the drain. If I´m him and not playing like he was not last season under Sarri, note that when he did get on the pitch he did good. Now that Lampard is in and most probably assured him of what the plan is going to be for the future. We are hearing talks of imminent contract extension. Sure, he might be a bit over the top with the demands comapred to what he has brought to the table on the football pitch. But let´s not kid ourselves, our track record doesn´t put us in a position to set a standard, not yet at least.
  6. Be that as it may, all I saw last season was Jorginho making backwards passes and getting caught with the tempo of the league. I´m not saying he doesn´t have quality and I´m also sure he´s a monster in the Italian league. But I´ll take Fabregas over him each and every day of the week.
  7. Only real threat to a top 4 finish is Manu, they have a lot of talent but the problem has always been making them use it. If OGS finds a way to make it work (which I doubt) then we´ll probably end up fifth. Then again I will never bet money against Frank, people are underestimating his managerial experience. He was part of the coaching team in 2012 when we won the CL, along with Terry, Cech, I´d throw Ivanovic and Ashley Cole in there aswell. My vote goes to 3rd place but we´ll have a better clue once the season kicks off. It could go either way, I believe in the players we have, but they are young and must start producing right away, we´ll see how that goes.
  8. The 4th spot is there for the taking hahahaha... glad to see the benchmark is set among Arsenal fans as to what qualifies as a success.
  9. As it turns out Sheffield Wednesday is taking legal advice as to how to move forward with Newcastle´s appointment of Steve Bruce. Despite Bruce´s staff handing in resignations on monday SW as a club found out of the appointment the same as everyone else, via Newcastle´s public statement. Imagine going to court over Steve Bruce.
  10. Mike Ashley and James Dolan should start a club of the worst owners in team sports.
  11. Watched the Maradona film last night.. absolutely fantastic. A great football biography.
  12. My vote goes to Santiago Munez
  13. With Maguire it´s becoming a hype thing the more this drags on. And in most cases in the past the hype transfers don´t live up or are straight flops. We´ll see what happens, but Maguire even if he exceeds expectations, is the start of a rebuilding of the squad United need to do. No champions league football next year.
  14. Heard the same thing about Akinfenwa

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