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  1. I will leave you with some hits from Tallinn, Estonia. Come Visit!
  2. Koulibaly would be fantastic but there no way Di Laurentiis lets him go unless we give him the lease to Stamford Bridge in the deal. I´d love Insigne or Mertens aswell, the latter the more probable as Insigne is a local in Naples and might stay there for the long run.
  3. I´m one of them, and I´ve had 5 jobs in 1,5 years.
  4. Taking the piss on the French league. Jozy Altidore was a beast in the Eredivisie aswell.
  5. These kids do not care about that anymore, the attention span of a human being has been reduced to nothing.
  6. Should keep far away from him then.
  7. Any team trying to win trophies in England and in Europe needs depth, and we are lacking that at the moment. Problem is we´ve been buying poor players, doesn´t mean we shouldn´t buy players at all.
  8. Where would I place a recently retired club legend that has been here since the start of the century, part of the most successful teams in club history, was taken under Zola´s wing when he first got here himself to coach young players that have been part of the system since about the start of the century? Might go for a Brazilian.
  9. Thought Higuain hooked him up with a Nutella deal.
  10. I´d rather have Frank make that mistake early in the season against Sheffield than in the Champions League round of 16 when our season is on the line. Most of you are saying he´s intelligent in one post and can´t believe he made that sub in the next, well, if you believe your own words he learned the most from what transpired on that pitch. Great point Sexyfootball.
  11. After the first couple of games I would say we must get top 4, Utd & Spurs I would say are starting from the same position as we are in terms of how difficult they´ll season will be simply because of different circumstances. Arsenal will be 5th or 6th.
  12. We have conceded 9 goals in 4 games to start the season. I agree on the fact Dave is losing his value quickly and it might be time to look beyond him, for what we signed him for I still think he´s been one of our deals of the decade. If we want to get back to the level I think Chelsea needs to be on then we have to raise our standards as to who deserves to be starting in our back line.
  13. Our whole defence is a shambles. I don´t think anyone should be a guaranteed mainstay at this point. Rüdiger can feel safe (despite my personal opinion) but the rest should feel pressure to perform or be on the market. I really like Ake for 40m£.
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