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  1. Really? May have a butchers next week. Hoping to pick up GTA 5 again on the cheap.
  2. A mate of mine brought thenew CoD round a couple nights ago. Its good, but weird. Doesn't feel like a CoD game.
  3. Wow, second playthrough already? Thats insane. i dont have much time for games these days, just one to a few hours after everyone has settled for the evening. Only just managed to finish it once. Yeah, the music is very good and atmospheric. Great game. Hope they release DLC later.
  4. The new Dragon Age is a beast. An absolute hour gobbler of a game.
  5. Dead Island was OK I suppose, but got well boring after a while. Didn't even bother with riptide as it was the same game but different faces from what I saw.Left 4 Dead 3 would be nice though. Was a fun game if you got into a lobby with the right people. When friends weren't online, mostly wound up with irritating kids who weren't even old enough to be playing and you'd wind up getting kicked for no reason despite being the only one not dying. I buy online adult rated games because I want to game with people my own age. Not babysit someones hyperactive twelve year old. Deus Ex!!! Awesome game. One thing I miss about my old 360. Only mqnaged one play through though as I was a busy musician at the time. Hope they do another one on current gen. Yes, yes, and yes. All 3 look excellent.On a sidenote, I went out and treated myself to the new UFC game. What a disappointment. The graphics are fantastic (not as good as the trailers though), but the controls are absolutely ridiculous. Blocking takedowns works once every ten attempts, which makes fights against submission artists or ground and pound specialists a pain in the backside, plus the submission system is crap. Career mode was boring too. Fight, watch a generic video of a fighter congratulating you, do 3 repetitive training exercises, rinse and repeat. No other options or imagination to it at all. At least the game face was better this year. That's where my avatar came from. They got my face and even my beard right. Even had sleeve tattoos that closely resemble mine, so that kept me going for a little bit at least. UFC Undisputed 3 was miles better in terms of gameplay.
  6. To those doubting this, Mourinho has admitted he's keen on him, there are quotes. Plus Barca have accepted the bid and I would imagine they would want to push this through as quickly as we do because they will be investing around about 18 million of the fee into buying Ivan Rakitic.
  7. Ridiculous basing the opinion signing on personality as opposed to skill. I'm sorry, but absolutely everybody on this planet has been a twat on multiple occasions in their life. Its part of the human condition. Everyone has that twat switch that goes off on occasion, I know I do and I openly admit it. Cesc would bolster a position which was lacking last season as Costa will bolster another area we definitely fell short on last season. Trust Mourinho. What's the point of having him if everybody is going to second guess him every time he makes a decision. I trust Mourinho completely to boost the team in the correct areas. With the signing of Luis aswell, this further strengthens our defence. All we need now once this batch of Atletico signings and Cesc goes through, is a couple more strikers to give us a terrible trio to strike fear into the hearts of defences next season. I know for a fact people will disagree with me here, but I firmly believe Mario Mandzukic would be good for us. No idea on a third choice.... but that's what Mourinho is for...
  8. I want to see us open them up like a can of Heinz next season after this (metaphorically speaking on the pitch of course)
  9. What you have to realise is that about 75 percent of mank sh*tty supporters are plastic and follow the glory. Guarantee many of them were wearing red a few seasons ago. They'll come unstuck eventually when the FFP cuts their ludicrous spending. They have nobody to blame but themselves for their transfer limitations. Thankfully for us, Jose is being more mindful of the FFP sanctions. I was only glad for City to win the title because it meant Liverpool didn't. They don't remember the fact that we played a huge part in killing Liverpools title dreams. Seems its gone to their heads already like a lightweight in a drinking contest. Look forward to seeing a more aggressive Chelsea doing another league double on them and the scousers en route to another title victory.
  10. Bang on!!!! Can't argue with any of that. Stamford Bridge is Drogbas home. He belongs here. I've never seen a bigger reaction for any other former player lining up against us. I want to see him come home for good. He would be a great role model for young players.
  11. I am so over this parking the bus sh*te. We do what is necessary. Liverpool play attacking football all the time and its bit them in the arse where it counted.
  12. Either way, I agree with comments above, it should have been handled in house if he was genuinely concerned about the set up of the team. No player is bigger than the team. True words. Hazard has been ordinary the last few months. Maybe to do with burn out. I don't think the nlad knows his limits yet, which comes down to naivety. He has a lot to prove in coming weeks. Not all that impressed with his attitude at the moment.
  13. The whole alleged Hazard dig at Mourinho thing is annoying me at the minute. I usually take these things with a pinch of salt, but Eden should leave the management to Jose, show some respect and get on with whats needed of him. Same with David Luiz and any other player. Its called professionalism. We wouldn't call out our bosses on work matters in a public place... Disappointed that any of our players would give the media even more ammunition to use against us in the back pages of the daily toilet paper. We lack the attack power and creative spark to play attacking football. So until we address those key areas, we have to play defensively minded.
  14. Haha you mean the overplayed overhyped song everyone knows? :P I don't mind that one, but the solo does drag on. Tuesdays Gone is a great song. I used to play that song acoustic back when me and a pal went to open mic nights. He sang of course, my voice is far too gravelly to do anything :-/
  15. Well... bear in mind, I don't know you Adam, ain't been here long and saw no indication of any form of tongue in cheek indicators like a smiley, so yeah, whoosh, went over my head... nice one!

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