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  1. Best strikers right now: 1. Suarez 2. Aguero 3. Lewandowski 4. Costa 5. Benzema
  2. Does anyone else think Jonjo shelves be perfect playing next to Maria? Adds steel and attack. He's been playing pretty great, he's still young and he can shoot from outside the box?
  3. Neymar is younger and just as talented -_-
  4. I like it, makes games more interesting.
  5. I think he is trying just a bit too hard to impress, reminded me a bit of Schurrle today. After preseason I believe he will come good for us. Lets be patient guys.
  6. no way would he be a second striker
  7. Hurry up and announce the winner ,Hazard needs to go bed man, he has a big match on wednesday!
  8. is it possible to watch the ceremony live? what channel is it on?

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