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  1. Loftus Cheek was good today and showed glimpses of real quality play.
  2. Not too bummed by this. It was maybe our turn somewhere to concede a sh*tty deflection but didn't want it to be this game. Could've easily been 3-4 after that first goal but Mendy and Silva kept us in the game. I'm sure Tuchel will learn from this and we'll win the reverse fixture later in the season.
  3. Every player is f**king hero today. Credit to Tuchel as well for getting the team organised and calming them down at the break. Loved how Klopp was left moaning about a f**king throw in injury time. Played more than a half with a man advantage from a sham red card and still couldn't beat us.
  4. Yeah all that but the f**king twat didnt even see the replay properly. He just saw 1 frame from 10 yards away and decided everything in a split second. Seems like his mind was made up even before he reached the monitor.
  5. Zouma should be around 35m+.
  6. T.Silva supporting the team from the sidelines. Tuchel's reaction to Pulisic miss is just so authentic...lol. 7MPFRHBgLCpJOiHX.mp4
  7. 21-06-02-15-10-13_01.mp4 "Its a pleasure to be at the sideline for this team and fight with them."
  8. Agree. The press made it look like Pep changed a winning combination in the final. Fact is we beat them twice in the league and FA cup when they played Rodri/Fernandinho in the starting 11. Pep changed a team that lost twice against us. Truth is we beat them when they played a DM and we beat them when they didn't play a DM. Doesn't get more convincing than this.
  9. Can we have all the links for the game, post match and interviews in one place.
  10. He enjoys in his own sweet way. Really nobody like him on and off the pitch.
  11. I think the fact that we scored only 1 goal from open play in our previous 4 games combined made him believe that we wont be a threat from open play. But you only need to score 1 to win a game and thats what happened.
  12. Thats just pure joy. Cant buy that. Thats what loyalty is. Lovely.
  13. It was his first training session and I was so impressed by the way he walked in, full of purpose and like he'd been here for years. The confidence and assurance was there to see in that moment. 21-05-30-04-01-17_01.mp4
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