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  1. Its been many years now we seem to struggle badly against dominant teams. Thing is that other clubs seem to build such teams and style of play with ease but for us its been a never ending process for the last 10 years.
  2. The real question I feel is how many managers. Atleast we were good at park the bus. Now we cant even defend solidly.
  3. We've been poor at home this season. Hope it doesn't end in a hiding.
  4. Its a blur of red everytime we get the ball. Shows the gulf between the 2 teams. Our players slipping all over the place, let alone string a couple of passes together. Its scary how far off we are from the best teams in europe.
  5. Thats my point. If some of the first string young players are injured then why not give a chance to the second choice youngsters given that many of the old players aren't doing much and will leave at the end of the season.
  6. People will say that this is a young team and they need time. But the worrying thing is actually how many players on this sh*tty 11 are young ? Maybe for Frank losing with old farts is better than losing with young players.
  7. Our set pieces are poor defensively and offensively, nobody that can really score from outside the box, our crossing is pathetic except one player, one flank is effectively useless in attack, nobody makes overlapping runs or drives to the byline. And god only knows why Michy keeps getting game time. Id prefer Tammy on one leg that Michy on 2 leading the attack. We looked good when teams played an open game against us in the first 15 games. But everyone has realized that we are brittle in defence (add to that a dodgy goalkeeper) and one dimensional in attack, all the opposition needs to do
  8. Need to get rid of Zouma. He's panicky on the ball if the opposing player is within 10 yards, otherwise tentative. Not a reliable and confidence inspiring centre half especially when you aspire to play out of the back. Wouldn't mind a 6-1 thrashing at some point, would force us to focus on the defence. Our defensive problems have been swept under the rug since start of the season because we are bit better on the attack compared to last season. We were lucky against Ajax and Valencia could've scored a boatload the previous game. Today we had the chances but tried to walk it into the
  9. The question is why are only our players being targeted ? There are certainly a lot bigger names in Europe like Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Neymar, Suarez, Zlatan. Why haven't we heard of the Chinese clubs offering insane amounts to these players ? Seems like there's a rat at the club who's turning the players' head on the inside and getting his cut for the dirty work.
  10. On current form that is. Fab played very well for first half of our title winning season, after that he hasn't done much, has he ? As for "chance creator", our attack has produced lethargic, sideways passing stuff for quite some time now. Lets be honest, only when Hazard has the ball do we really look threatening in attack. Mata contributed 19 goals and 35 assists in 64 games in 2012-13. Mata is a much better finisher and better at set pieces than Fabregas. Defense is neither's strong suit. But the biggest thing for me is that Mata truly had the club in his heart whereas Fabregas doesn't gi
  11. Then wouldn't it be the best thing to come back to the place where he knows he's loved by the fans, where he played his best. Given his pedigree and his performances with us, would be worth a chance. Mata won't do worse than Fabregas even if he tried.
  12. Yup, but the biggest obstacle is that it's manchester united ! Can't stand the biggest gloryhunters of all, GGMU chanting lot accusing fans of others clubs to be plastics.
  13. Any chance of us going in for Mata or Bastian ? Mata, Hazard and Oscar were a scintillating attacking trio when playing together and Mata can really spark our attack to be the best in the league. As for Bastian, he would come cheap and be useful in case Matic's form doesn't improve.
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