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  1. Zouma should be around 35m+.
  2. T.Silva supporting the team from the sidelines. Tuchel's reaction to Pulisic miss is just so authentic...lol. 7MPFRHBgLCpJOiHX.mp4
  3. 21-06-02-15-10-13_01.mp4 "Its a pleasure to be at the sideline for this team and fight with them."
  4. Agree. The press made it look like Pep changed a winning combination in the final. Fact is we beat them twice in the league and FA cup when they played Rodri/Fernandinho in the starting 11. Pep changed a team that lost twice against us. Truth is we beat them when they played a DM and we beat them when they didn't play a DM. Doesn't get more convincing than this.
  5. Can we have all the links for the game, post match and interviews in one place.
  6. He enjoys in his own sweet way. Really nobody like him on and off the pitch.
  7. I think the fact that we scored only 1 goal from open play in our previous 4 games combined made him believe that we wont be a threat from open play. But you only need to score 1 to win a game and thats what happened.
  8. Thats just pure joy. Cant buy that. Thats what loyalty is. Lovely.
  9. It was his first training session and I was so impressed by the way he walked in, full of purpose and like he'd been here for years. The confidence and assurance was there to see in that moment. 21-05-30-04-01-17_01.mp4
  10. Also happy for T. Silva. At 36, he is still that insanely majestic defender. Could have easily retired last season but came to the most physical league at that age and was still dominating opponents. A world class player and happy that he won it today.
  11. Yup. Didnt give them a sniff apart from that Rudiger block. What excited me most was the maturity level shown by our players. It was as if they had been playing in finals like these for years!!
  12. I would say league wide signing of the decade for a defender. He's been the most consistently good and injury free defender we've seen. A thorough professional and blue at heart.
  13. The keyword for me here is "mouldable"(if there is a word like that). Its just incredible how quickly this team has picked up TT methods and coaching. Its hard to believe that its only been 4 months. This team can achieve great things I firmly believe that.
  14. Kepa a Champions League winner. Would you believe that!!
  15. f**k yeahhhh!!!!!! Who the hell was saying that this team was bottling it.! Always believe!!! It was a team of lions tonight hunting down everything. What a block by Rudiger against Foden. That has to be the play of the match. A lovely lovely win. Proud of the lads. Always will be!!!
  16. When you're down in the dumps in 9th place you need other teams to bail you out at some point. You're not going to suddenly start playing like peak Barcelona and beat everybody to finish 2nd. PSG and Real Madrid would've won their league had Lille and Atletico screwed up. Would their fans say that "Sorry we dont want the title because the other team f**ked up!". This team showed their mentality by regrouping so fast and winning big games at difficult opponents. So what we couldn't beat a mid table team. It was just not our day in terms of the result. Happens to everyone! Basing your judgement on one game is just too harsh.
  17. At the moment where this team is and for our new coach, its more important that we made the top 4 instead of how we made it. Every team have their moments of luck and here we see people complaining that we got lucky! Newsflash - you dont win every game, sometimes you lose playing well, sometimes you win playing sh*t. Top 4 looked impossible when we looked done as a team in 9th place. Its a great recovery to finish 4th no matter how we did it.
  18. Happens from time to time. Sometimes even the best teams need a favour somewhere. A fluke goal, a lucky deflection or opponents missing an open goal all are part of luck that teams need at some point. Needing other teams to lose is also part of it.
  19. I think it helps us when we're labelled the underdogs. The pressure will be on City in the CL final.
  20. Liverpool even with their f**king meltdown and losing 6 in a row at home finish 3rd! Some recovery that.
  21. Complete sh*t show. We cant score to save our lives let alone finish in the top 4.
  22. And then they'll score 30 goals apiece and spurs win it all while our next expensive striker forgets the offside rule and cant even score a legitimate goal from 2 yards out.
  23. Its a wonder how he scored his goals in germany.
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