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  1. Ain’t nothing wrong with that opinion, I had the same concerns, just wished I was proved wrong though.
  2. If it’s true that certain players caused trouble I would’ve said get them out of the club at all costs this window so that Frank can work with players he trusts, but not to be. We’ve been here before but with much better players undermining a manager, this bunch that’s been rumoured are bang average...damn shame.
  3. I’m not surprised that it happened, football is a cut throat business now, Roman wants a return on his investment, we all know that he’s had a short fuse for years. As for the opinion of rival fans, United fans called for Solskjær’s head, Arsenal Arteta’s and I’ve even seen Liverpool fans call for Klopp’s head, so they can all take a hike. I’ve been critical this season of coarse, it’s not been pretty lately and it’s been frustrating. I love Frank and I really wanted him to succeed, but I just wasn’t sure if he had the capabilities to turn it around, I have to be honest. I wanted to eat
  4. Well what a load of sh*t, nothing more to say. Let’s see now what the board do.
  5. My God Werner is truly shocking, Morata 2.0. Anyway job done, Mount was the best player on the pitch.
  6. I do like Robinson but in the modern game that’s a red card. Might be tough to break them down now but it’s not as if we weren’t struggling beforehand.
  7. Did say the other day I don’t think Fulham are as bad as people say. Thought they played well today, we need to be careful, let’s get the job done.
  8. Yea that will do, I’ll make that my new pic.
  9. My God you’re right, my brain has gone AWOL today. It’s weird to imagine the man with hair, even when he had hair it was falling off.
  10. Ah c’mon I’m not always negative, I said I was pleased for Werner and happy with the result, I guess I’ll try and be always happy from now on. Well the man used to have hair until he went bald, can’t change the pick though I’m afraid, he’s a Texan legend. 😂
  11. Naa I’m happy, just being realistic about the performance that’s all.
  12. Job done I guess, play in the final third was very poor at times but got the result.
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