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  1. Maybe he’s made his mind up already, Steve Holland as interim manager, if we fail on Sunday? Anyway, at least today was enjoyable.
  2. Fantastic victory and a very good performance, we should have won by 3 or 4. Giroud had a decent game, but can’t hit a barn door bless him, Emerson should have had two assists & whilst he might not be the long term answer, he’s not a converted left midfielder, he’s a proper left back and it shows. Some very good individual performances, Kante was on fire, but the team were together today, gave it everything and that’s the most important thing, we deserved to enjoy that.
  3. “it would appear this group of players are very difficult to motivate". I appreciate the honesty Sarri, but you pick the same team week in, week out....didn’t think that one through did he.
  4. Again, no point in analysing that performance, we’re all just repeating ourselves. Sarri is stubborn and has no idea how to turn a game around, it’s just like for like swaps. It’s a three horse race for that 4th spot and I’m sorry, we’re coming 5th or 6th I feel, we’re not as good as Arsenal or United. It will take a lot more than Higuain for Sarri to turn this around, there is some dead wood that needs removing, but can I see us getting the business done in the summer? Hugely debatable, if we have no champions league football again, which looks likely, then it’ll be more difficult. I cannot see Sarri staying longer than next season, the hope is that we improve drastically over time, I’m not sure if that will happen and the board don’t have the patience either, I don’t want to be so negative but Sarri might just be another one out the door, gutted.
  5. Run out of things to say about these recent performances, said it all before.
  6. Okay, so the reports from Germany are that CHO is leaving in the summer. So why do we insist on playing him and why do we talk him up in the press conferences? Enough of the lying & he shouldn’t be playing if he wants out, unless this is all nonsense from ze German press.
  7. Trying not to get angry, I can’t be assed to analyse that performance, because I’ll just be repeating what I’ve said numerous times this season. Putting it in simple terms, finishing 5th again would not be good enough, do the board sack Sarri or keep him? I wouldn’t be surprised if they sacked him, given our history. If they keep him, do they give him the players he needs in the summer? Or do we stick with the same dead wood and blame him when it all goes wrong, there’s a pattern emerging here with the way we do our business.
  8. Fabregas for me and he only played for 20 minutes, says it all really.
  9. I think it’ll be a tough game, win and we could put Southampton in the relegation zone, expect them to fight hard.
  10. Tough one, I voted Kanté but Luiz is a close 2nd, no one else really stood out.
  11. Would Hudson-Odoi do any worse than Willian? Does Willian offer more then Loftus-Cheek on the wing? I’d start him in that position over Willian. Emerson should start ahead of Alonso, who Sarri has laughably talked up as potentially the best left back in the world, which is a bizarre statement, when he’s not even a left back. I agree though, our strength in depth isn’t good enough, which we need to improve on in the summer.
  12. It’s not working Sarri, it’s pass for the sake of passing with no end product, flicks and tricks with no penetration and we’ve seen that in far too many games. Willian, Alonso and even Hazard with really poor finishes today, Sarri not to blame for that, but he is to blame for picking out of form players, he needs to be brave and drop some of the so called stars and it’s clear as day that we need a big window next summer. I don’t want to be overly pessimistic, but I’d say prepare for a Liverpool title win and Europa league football, God I hope not, fun times ahead.
  13. Exactly, nothing against Willian personally, but he’s not playing anyway near how he can play and therefore surely has to be dropped.
  14. Criminal, absolutely criminal that Willian gets in to this team on current form, he’s slipping something in to Sarri’s fags. No wonder we can’t score when chances are falling to him inside the area and he can barely work the keeper for f**ks sake.
  15. Agreed, I wish they’d stop saying he needs to leave, or he could leave in January. First of all we’ll never sell him or loan him in January because we need him for squad depth and home grown reasons and secondly, he’s getting more and more game time.
  16. They’d love him more if he was at Spurs or Liverpool though. The best thing for him to do is stick around and keep fighting, he’s only going to get better and he’s building up more game time.
  17. He’s grown as a player over the course of the season, which I thought he would do and I still think he’s some way off his peak. There’s room for improvement, his stamina is still questionable and he needs to keep up his performance for the 90 minutes, as he does tend to dip in the last 15 minutes of games, but he’ll get there. The media are linking him to Bournemouth and West Ham, which if I was Ruben, I’d find disrespectful tbh. They seem desperate for him to leave for some strange reason, if they truly cared about English talent they’d want him to stay and be apart of a big club surely? He won’t be leaving anyway.
  18. I thought Christensen, Kovacic & Fabregas were solid, but RLC.
  19. He offers more as a winger than our actual winger, so I agree.
  20. Enjoyable game to watch, but not clinical enough, which has been our problem too often. Willian didn’t offer enough, poor finish from Ruben’s pass, the misses from Emerson and Giroud at the end were particularity poor, Giroud doesn’t inspire much confidence in front of goal. I didn’t think Barkley offered much either, he’s too slow at times and picks the wrong pass and has the occasional wild effort on goal, he’s dipped in form. Ruben was our most dangerous player until Hazard came on and he’s definitely improved, as I told the doubters he would. Kovacic & Fabregas were solid, Pedro was very good when he came on. I like to see him start ahead of Willian, the problem with that is he’s very influential as an impact sub, due to his speed and work rate, he always tracks back. I thought we were decent defensively, until Luiz came on and had a couple of brain fart moments, Christensen was better today. I’m not Emerson’s biggest fan but he has to start games until we bring in another left back, it’s a simple as that, just the better player imo. Job done, on to the semi-finals.
  21. I’ve read that the apparent chant was the famous Tottenham Hotspur chant, you all know how it goes, I’m not sure if that’s true obviously, but if so this entire media frenzy brought about by reports from Dan Levene and friends (least said about Dan the better, a four letter word springs to mind) is completely unnecessary and they should be taken to task for it. If I’m wrong, then I’ll fully condemn the chanting, but there is a clear double standard when spurs fans sing about y*ds on a week to week basis, I don’t care if they sing it about themselves, it’s not right. What’s happening right now is a media witch-hunt and as I’ve said before, attacking a single club does absolutely nothing to combat racism, infact it makes light of the situation, because it makes it seem like a club only issue, something people are failing to realise. I think it’s due to tribalism in football, becuase we’re as hated as Leeds used to be, if not more, so it’s easy to deflect the issue on to one club and completely forget a banana was thrown by a fan of a certain media darling club just a week ago.
  22. Some triggered person on Twitter got very angry with me, for suggesting it’s not clear cut what was said, but if it was racial abuse, then the fans deserve lifetime bans. That was enough for someone to insult me and call me a racist apologist hahaha, I guess innocent until proven guilty is a concept lost on modern society. You are not a lip reading expert my friend, neither are Rio Ferdinand, Ian Wright, or Gary Linekar, who seem desperate to push this narrative that racism in football is on the rise, even when in this case they have no proof. Listen, if it’s proven that it’s racism, the idiots will get everything they deserve, until then stop calling it racist abuse without proof.

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