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  1. For them to want to come to us we need to be in UCL.. Wished the board got a striker now to make that very likely..
  2. Really disappointed with our board.. Seems like they dont want Lamps to stay beyond this season.. Needed a striker signing badly... Cant understand the argument wait for the right player till summer..We need to be in the top 4 if we need to get those right players in the summer..!!!
  3. I bet Willy wud have saved than aguero pen.. plus he must have known city players better..
  4. Utterly disgraceful kepa.. Proved he is a school boy again.. Willy was better at pens...
  5. Not that soon. Best to be 0-0 till 80 min and lets nick a late winner..
  6. Sarri isn't that predictable... Pedro to willian at 58 min today as opposed to 60 min as utd expected ..
  7. Wud have been okay if we had a drogba or costa...morata sucked..
  8. 60 min willian in for pedro...its predictable... Then barkley in for kova
  9. exactly my wish too...mainly for the last bit.
  10. if rumours are to be believed arent the board lining up carlo?

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