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  1. Marcos is essential in our setup... Or else we will be too defensive... He is a joy to watch...
  2. same here...i wont be gutted if united or somebody else hijacked this move.. but if it goes through i will be fully behind him..well there is no choice as a fan..at the end of the day trophies for the club is what we all want..
  3. lukaku and messi on the same line!!!
  4. kane may report back to training asap..lol..
  5. i saw 25m on sky.. at 25 or 30 he would have been a good stopgap low risk signing for us..
  6. looks like it... some may see it as 75m cheaper than halland until we look at another 100m striker in 2 years time!! anyway we can be certain he will score around 15goals which a lot better than our forwards last season.. but how i wish we think long term and act like reigning ucl winners...
  7. considering the numbers you put in there.. is halland worth 75m more than kaku? my answerbis YES..
  8. Please let this remain a rumour... I can live with another season of false 9 which will be better.. There is a chance that Kai Timo partner will get better. And there is atleast a chance we would bid for halland next summer..If he prefer other clubs we could hope someone else like a vlahovic become good options.. the worst case will be us playing with kaku and united /city with halland!!
  9. yes he can play alongside timo... can be a lethal combo imo... can we still keep some hope till weekend? I have never been so desperate for a transfer... He will transform us so much.... The worst nightmare is him joining United next season!!
  10. true...but what if we offer him significantly higher wages than what he is on currently.. i hope he stays in Italy like you btw..
  11. I am getting worried about this possibility too...
  12. Oh is Crouchy retired? So no chance of last minute fight with Spurs for him ala Llorente.. On a serious note Kounde was closely linked to a team of spurs level..that says all..
  13. Please go to spurs.. I dont like him at all and he is only 1.78 in height compared to.1.91 of Varane and Torres..
  14. And to sack that manager mid season as the team is outside top 4......
  15. seen some united links with halland and a martial swap offer ..possibly BS.. hope we dont buy martial to help them fund a move for halland...lol... thinking of the worst case scenario...no panic yet!!
  16. Lukaku not going anywhere has eased the panic slightly for me...
  17. Either Halland or none for me... I think we can get top 4 again with current squad.. Buy Halland and we can challenge for title..
  18. My gut feeling is we will sign Halland...
  19. great work @PloKoon13 it has to be between mount and kante based on the eye test as well....
  20. Excited to see we are linked to Halland.. For me its Kane/ Halland / Lewa or no striker purchase this window..
  21. Is there any chance we can place a hefty release clause in his contract? Or is that not allowed in England?
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