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  1. Excited to see we are linked to Halland.. For me its Kane/ Halland / Lewa or no striker purchase this window..
  2. Is there any chance we can place a hefty release clause in his contract? Or is that not allowed in England?
  3. Well deserved.... Like in the last 2 wins vs city...
  4. True...We were so convincing against atleti and real...There was no luck involved whatsoever in those wins.. Let's hope TT do another tactical job on Pep at weekend. And let's get a proper number 9 who can score 25 inside goals in a PL season...
  5. In the final lap didnt we beat Man City and our direct top 4 rivals Leicester and Westham?
  6. Arsenal are poor...But somehow I dont feel confident when we play against them.. Maybe we so well against good teams.. I feel more confident when we play City.
  7. True... I am not surprised by the result but am by the nature of the win.. I expected a 1 nil win but to be under siege constantly and needing a lot of luck not to concede..And a tense watch.. But it was a relaxing watch with us not letting City play their natural game... TBH they didnt look like scoring unless Dean gave them a penalty..
  8. I think the fault was more about the defensive organisation than kepa... Seems more like that...
  9. Tommy Tactics I love you.. What a perfect job on Guardiola..
  10. I dont think it is justified to have a top keeper to cover a month.. Neither him or Mendy deserve to be second fiddle for majority of the season.. I think I would trust Kepa (for a month) with the improved defense under TT.. Or maybe get a decent backup keeper from EPL..
  11. Bloody hell ...Even Atleti didnt test us like this... Missing Kante badly..
  12. 11 hours since we last conceded a goal at the bridge....
  13. COYB... Good to see Gilmour in the starting XI...
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