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  1. I like the music choice to be fair. Do also miss a good sing in a home pub though as well!!
  2. I think the pensioner is about the best bet these days. Good atmosphere but the beer can be hit n miss!!
  3. Hi there, I'm interested in the 2 arsenal tickets. Can pay at qarabag tomoz or on Sunday.

  4. Can get tickets in home end if you interested 

    1. Cfcstevens


      Sad times mate. Call yourself a fan? 

  5. I don't want to sound too negative but aren't we all jumping the gun here?? We are talking about a player who has a 1 good season in the prem. I accept his stats are great etc but we've seen other players have great seasons and then do naff all ever again. Maybe being a bit pessimistic but we've seen too many players who have come on great reputations and done nothing for us. I hope he goes on to be another maka but let's not get too carried away about a player who was playing for Caen a year ago!!
  6. I can see both sides here, on one hand the club should give him whatever he wants money wise as we will probably never have another player like him but on the other hand if jt has been offered a lower wage and reduced playing time then shouldn't he just accept this and stay at the club he loves?? I think we can all agree that if Bruce Buck offered any of us on here 5k per week to play 3 games a year we wud all take it!!! Stop Pissing about jt and get it signed!!!
  7. Are we talking about crooks or brooks???
  8. Why can't we put the away fans in the upper tear of the east stand towards 1 side. Most teams put the away fans in the worst section these days e.g Newcastle, Sunderland, villa, and palace. Didn't we have a spell at putting the away fans in the west stand while it was being built? Got a feeling we played man ure in the cup and we shared the west with them and afterwards it was a nightmare walking back to the tube etc. police wouldn't allow it now. While we are on this why do we insist on giving the away allocation 3,000 seats? I seem to think the fa rules state the home team have to allocate 5% of the stadium to the away team as long as it is safe. We should move the segregation along a bit and give the away teams 2,000. We only get 3,000 at old Trafford!!!!
  9. I read somewhere once that we would increase the capacity to 60k but only 6000 of them seats would me made available to 'regular fans' the rest would be hospitality. As with the emirates they have concreted massively on corporate seating. It's where the money is after all. Don't agree with it but its fact.
  10. Yeah I agree jack. When jt can't play every game I can see Ivan going to cb and dave to rb with luis lb.
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