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  1. I'm thinking now it might be something to do with the rail seating getting installed in Matthew Harding lower,probably still not finished and Chelsea not wanting to put tickets on sale til they find out exactly how many seats available,the games still showing for original date and time.
  2. Hopefully an earlier kick off rather than Friday night.
  3. Anyone any idea why this game might be moved according to Champions League draw ? I;ve already booked travel for this game.
  4. I'm in one of the seats affected mate,never even had the courtesy to send e mail,had to go on the official site to check it,on the bright side I've an 800 mile round trip on a Tuesday or Wednesday night to use my free Champions League ticket.😁
  5. Just my luck mate,I'm Matthew Harding Lower Block 16,picked the Palace game instead of Belfast.
  6. Chelsea just announced that rail seating in Matthew Harding Lower are not going to be ready in time and will refund those affected along with travel expenses,Blocks 8 9 14 15 and 16 are the ones causing concern ,e mails will be sent out at 3 pm on Friday to inform those affected .Just my luck ,I'm Block 16,travelling down on 7 o' clock train on Saturday morning.😒 Any spare tickets will be appreciated.
  7. Bit like a Dortmund top,would have preffered Yellow with Blue.
  8. Alright Bro.about time you were coming back up road for a game,your wee cousin Barry is now running the Larkhall True Blues.My next Chelsea match is hopefully Belfast, Iv'e flights and hotel booked.but if I don't get ticket I'll take hit and try for first game of season v Palace,just back from Belfast for Twelfth and going back in Septembember ,see you in Curly's.
  9. Frustrating as feck mate,from the highs of the Europa league games to the dross served up in the League games.
  10. Chelsea v Leeds 1969/70 season on BT Sports now,just missed Villa v Chelsea 6 2 to Chelsea.
  11. Would that be round about where the Peter Osgood statue is now ?
  12. Where would that be,looking at todays ground ?
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