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  1. Love it,turning out to be a good day.
  2. Larkhall was jumping mate,one big party,Curly's ended up putting the shutters down it was mobbed,still suffering.
  3. Travel Agency in Glasgow offering Museum Hospitality for £199,thinking of buying for Newcastle game,seems a good price,would anyone recommend it ?
  4. Big disappointment yesterday,thought we would have made a game of it,never looked like scoring.
  5. Chelsea v Leeds 1969/70 season on BT Sports now,just missed Villa v Chelsea 6 2 to Chelsea.
  6. Remember my Dad and uncles going down with local supporters bus for Chopper Harris testimonial v Rangers,brought me back a programme,Chelsea pennant and Rossette,I was nine,still got programme up loft.
  7. Would that be round about where the Peter Osgood statue is now ?
  8. Where would that be,looking at todays ground ?
  9. My Da and uncles travelled down from Larkhall on the local Rangers Supporters Club,I was only 7,brought me back a Chelsea pennant and programme,which I still have in the house.
  10. Any idea what this is about ?1970/71 I think as board advertising Ron Harris testimonial.
  11. Watched one earlier on youtube,enter FOOTBALL DISTURBANCE:SPURS V CHELSEA-NO SOUND.Dont know how to post but that might be it.

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