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  1. Frustrating as feck mate,from the highs of the Europa league games to the dross served up in the League games.
  2. Chelsea v Leeds 1969/70 season on BT Sports now,just missed Villa v Chelsea 6 2 to Chelsea.
  3. Would that be round about where the Peter Osgood statue is now ?
  4. Where would that be,looking at todays ground ?
  5. My Da and uncles travelled down from Larkhall on the local Rangers Supporters Club,I was only 7,brought me back a Chelsea pennant and programme,which I still have in the house.
  6. Any idea what this is about ?1970/71 I think as board advertising Ron Harris testimonial.
  7. Watched one earlier on youtube,enter FOOTBALL DISTURBANCE:SPURS V CHELSEA-NO SOUND.Dont know how to post but that might be it.
  8. That's a great photo,didn't realise it was as big.
  9. Look at the state of the playing surface at Wembley,changed days,did they not used to have the Horse Show the week before the final ?
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