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Rangers Match Day Thread 2022-2023


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As the fixtures for the next season have been announced. Rangers start with an away fixture at Livingston on 30 July. First home game is against Kilmarnock on 6 August.


@Mod @coco Please could you pin this thread. Thanks.


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I worked in a U.K. Government Department and read and heard a lot of drivel from Government ministers and senior officials but this suggestion is one of the daftest, Would have caused a riot. Fortunately didn't receive a response.


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10 hours ago, carrickblue said:

Hmmm..... well that could have gone better..... :face_palm: 

I didn't watch the game but have read a few reports and it appears that the players were poor and substitutions were made late. Hopefully a big turn around in the return match. 

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8 minutes ago, carrickblue said:

I like that - what size is it?

Found this picture on the Follow Follow Forum. Hoping that the badge I ordered arrives in the next day or so.


Edit: the latest Rangers Supporters Erskine Appeal badge is due to go on sale. Will post a picture of it when it's available. A great cause is the RSEA.

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