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  1. Hi, yes I have a spare ticket for the Carabao Cup Final as my friend can't make it, I am still going.Ticket cost £72 (category 3) - will accept as close as possible to that. Send me a private message if you're still interested?

    1. 12medals


      Ok, perhaps you could pay £35 then another £37 when you have it?

  2. So far so good for the Gers. Will be hard to integrate so many new players but defence seems more stable, Shagger was a good signing as keeper. Difficult opening fixtures will give a better indication of the seasons prospects, 4 pts from trips to Pittodrie and the Piggery would be a decent return.
  3. I have a spare for Burnley.

  4. Jon Snow seemed a bit over familiar with his Auntie! #KeepItInTheFamily

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