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  1. Hi, yes I have a spare ticket for the Carabao Cup Final as my friend can't make it, I am still going.Ticket cost £72 (category 3) - will accept as close as possible to that. Send me a private message if you're still interested?

    1. 12medals


      Ok, perhaps you could pay £35 then another £37 when you have it?

  2. 12medals

    Greetings from the States

    For most games, there's usually a few tickets available on ticket exchange. But for this game, demand for tickets is very high so it's very unlikely you will get a ticket on the exchange for this game. There are some ticket agencies that offer tickets or hospitality, however you'd be looking at at least £250+ from one of these agencies. Unless you get very lucky, best bet is the pub! Lots of pubs near the ground to watch the game.
  3. 12medals

    Hello (and quick question)!

    Did you buy it from a reputable source?
  4. 12medals

    Rangers 2018/19 Match Day Thread

    So far so good for the Gers. Will be hard to integrate so many new players but defence seems more stable, Shagger was a good signing as keeper. Difficult opening fixtures will give a better indication of the seasons prospects, 4 pts from trips to Pittodrie and the Piggery would be a decent return.
  5. I have a spare for Burnley.

  6. 12medals

    FA Cup Semi Final

    Still category 2/3/4 tickets available, now down to 20 loyalty points. Plenty of people complain about not getting tickets during the year, good chance for them to support the team in a Cup semi final.
  7. 12medals

    FA Cup Semi Final

    Seemed very easy to get tickets this morning, even with a relatively low loyalty pts requirement. Presumably demand not high for this game after recent performances? No doubt if we make the final it will still be virtually impossible to get a ticket for members!
  8. 12medals

    Riyad Mahrez

    Perhaps he's gone to Spain?
  9. 12medals

    Game of Thrones

    Jon Snow seemed a bit over familiar with his Auntie! #KeepItInTheFamily
  10. 12medals

    Rangers Match Thread 2017/18

    Bit of a mixed start to the season for the Gers, at times playing some good stuff but not clinical enough. Five points dropped at home already mean it's playing catch-up already.