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  1. I totally agree with Sarri that the players don't look at all ambitious. Still, I don't want to blame him but he has done absolutely nothing to counter that. It really seems like we need to shake this squad up. Luiz - Other then the rare bright moment for him, he's lost it long ago. He is not a CB you can count on to lead the team, and he surely doesn't make us defensively sound. The six years between him and Rudiger is also a huge factor to why we need to replace him. We need a leader. We need someone to do what Terry and Cahill did in the past. We are lacking that and the lack of defensive qualities are making it worse. Alonso - I really like Alonso, but with him and Luiz it seems like the left side is way too open. Going forward Alonso is great, which is why the 343 suited him so well. To be honest, I think he should have been playing striker for a bit. Without him we only have two players who are able to be some sort of a threat from set-pieces and I guess that is a big factor to why Emerson is not getting his chance. Kante\Jorginho - The former is amazing. Probably the hardest working player on the pitch, if not the league. Even though he's been playing 'out of position' he is just too good. The former started well but recently he just stopped playing well. Sideway passing, slowing the game down. Maybe it has a lot to do with the situation in the attacking part of the team, but it surely isn't helping. LCM - With RLC injured, I think it would have been smart to start with Barkley. Kovacic has his decent game but how many times has he actually had a game changing impact on the way we played? I really do think that once RLC is back, that spot should be his. His abillity to drive forward from that postion could really help us. Willian - Sure, he won us the game against Newcastle, but he is way way past it. He should be nowhere near the starting lineup if you ask me. I don't understand, if the rumours are true, why he hasn't been sold to Barcelona yet. CHO should 100% be starting instead of him, especially if we are playing without a proper striker. Most of the times it seems to me like he just couldn't be bothered by the game, and puts close to no effort. Pedro - Out of the aging duo on the RW I think he is the better player. I would still like us to play with a striker and CHO on the right but if one of them has to play then surely Pedro should be in. Attack - Generally speaking, this is where we are failing a lot. With Hazard not staying central, the amount of times that there wasn't anyone to recieve the ball was just too high. Midfielders had to pass to the wingers or push in. How can you play like that? Putting Giroud from the start surely would have been better. Playing out from the back - Please, could someone explain this to me? Is it just because we have no one to get the ball to upfront? How many times this season have we invited preasure by trying to play it from the CBs up? Even yesterday we were close to losing the ball at the edge of our area because of this stupidity. We don't have technically gifted CBs that are able to do it well so why risk it? And, finally, the transfers. Higuain, as much as we need a striker, is not what we need (at least how I see it, I would love to be wrong). He has never been the leader. He doesn't seem to be a player that will fight when it is tough. At 2-0 down, do I see him rallying the team and maybe making a comeback? No. He has nothing to what Drogba used to bring, and I don't even think that he has the same 'hunger' that Costa had when playing well. With no real investment from the club, and no change in policy with our young star, I see us losing Hazard and CHO. I don't see us finishing 4th, and next season would only be worse. It is time we start cleaning the dust and bringing in some new light where we need. 3 players could possibly change but it really seems that at this point, no one is bothered. Bringing Sarri, who is famous for dealing with what he has available, seems to be like the choice they made so that they won't have to splash the cash to keep him happy.
  2. We were so bad. Had fun in Minsk, but the game itself was poor. Got lucky they hit the post\bar 3 times!
  3. Third... Such a joke having once every month since the season started.
  4. Can't wait for the game! Got my ticket and hoping we field a strong side. If anyone here is going / knows someone that will be in Minsk before the game hit me a PM as I will be there from Wednesday morning and would love to meet some Chelsea fans!
  5. So! Tought start to the game but once we took control we didn't let go of it (something we have done a lot in recent years). Barkley had an amazing game and I am really starting to like him more and more. I think Sarri did well in showing his confidence in him early on and it really has been paying off. I was annoyed at first the CHO wasn't on the bench to replace Pedro but I can't be mad now, especially as RLC had a good game as well, capped off with a goal. Morata was really good aswell. He showed the Burnley backline that they have to work on their offside trap. With a different keeper in goal, or just Hart that isn't having the game of his life - he could have been on a hattrick. I am a bit worried about our backline and keeper. Not that we are doing too bad but every game we get to see how incomplete it is. Luiz and Rudiger are giving me a heartattack every game. I think we HAVE to find a new, more responsible CB to partner up with Rudiger and then we should be much better off. Kepa, once he gets used to the team and all that, will be great I am sure (after all we still kept a clean sheet). Next game will not be easy of course, but if Morata can gain his confidence back and nothing goes out of hand, I can really see us continuing this unbeaten run for some time.
  6. Hopefully we can get a quick goal and finish it off. This could be a real test for Sarri, if we fail to score towards the end. Will he have the balls to go all out for the win?
  7. Really think that RLC should be starting this game, him or Barkley (can't believe I just said Barkley should start). Kovacic is great and I think he is the better of the three, but as some of you guys have mentioned, we are lacking in the striker position. We need help from an attacking minded midfielder and I think that RLC proved on Thursday that he can do a great job.
  8. Hopefully this game will be a bit easier than the first two. Where are the days that we trashed these teams 8-0? Hoping to see some of the backup players getting a chance, especially Christensen and Emerson
  9. Hasn't Reina just signed for Milan?
  10. chokosc

    Rob Green

    Medical starting soon it seems.
  11. I'd probably let go Luiz and then Cahill (if we have to). One of Moses or Zappa as well (Moses could be backup RW if say Pedro leaves)
  12. Wouldn't he be CB with Azpi at RB? And then Rugani next to Rudiger with Christensen as third choice.
  13. chokosc


    Pjanic, Jorginho and Golovin in the same window? I guess everyone bar Kante is leaving?
  14. I will only get the ticket when I get to London, just that in the confirmation it said Section 12 :z Thought it might be 112 (which looking at the pricing map and allocations to Chelsea would make sense). I guess I am due a surprise :)
  15. I agree, he was terrible second half of the season. I am not saying that he was good (he started well) but I think that if he had been given more confidence from the team\manager than it would have been better.

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