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  1. I agree, he was terrible second half of the season. I am not saying that he was good (he started well) but I think that if he had been given more confidence from the team\manager than it would have been better.
  2. Just look at how many games he came off the bench late or didn't even play...
  3. Well, I see you disagree with me, and that is 100% fine. Morata is no Drogba but he looks like he could become a good striker. Who could we get that is better than him now anyways? Why not give him another season, in a different system to try and prove himself? If he flops, sell him.
  4. He got goals and that is what matters after all. He needs to work on his finishing, and being offside too much but he has quality. With a manager that believes in him, and hard training he will be a great player. Conte basically gave up on him and destroyed his confidence.
  5. Bakayoko was a bet. We got it wrong and we will pay for that... Letting go a 30 y/o for 60+ million is great business. If we used that money to bring a younger player we could barely go wrong. As much as I like Willian, he just isn't really THAT good.
  6. Don't understand how we passed on Barca's offer. We could have done so much with that money.
  7. I don't understand all the hate coming towards him. He started the season in a good way but his injury, suspension and Conte didn't allow him to continue that. I am hoping that we don't ditch him now to regret it in two seasons. Get him playing, rotate with Michy and we should be good.
  8. We just can't lose him for nothing, it would be terrible. Either get him to sign a new contract in the summer or sell.
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