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  1. Well done lads, I’ve so missed the Champions League. Everyone in that team would die for the shirt and it showed tonight. That’s something we’ve been missing. Superb.
  2. I just watched the video of all his goals, I don’t remember being this sad about any other player leaving us. Thank you Eden and good luck, the Premier League is going to miss you.
  3. Big piece of humble pie for me. Well done Mr Sarri for proving me wrong.
  4. People are saying our football has improved as the season progressed, I must be watching a different team! Then again I’m not a football connoisseur unlike our Sarri........
  5. People say we have got better but not in my eyes, mind numbing dross is what I call it. I’m man enough to admit I was wrong regarding Sarri, I thought we were in for a treat. God help us next season with this clown in charge.
  6. I was 100% Sarri when we first appointed him, I really thought he was the right man. Now I’m 100% out, the man is clueless. The football this season has been horrific, he’s tactically inept. When has he ever changed his system to counteract what the opposing manager has done? Does anyone have faith that he can beat Arsenal, I don’t?
  7. I had high hopes for Sarri at the beginning of the season but the man is out of his depth I’m afraid. I can’t understand how people can defend him, Spackers was saying in the commentary that Sarri needs to change something during the game. Trouble is he has no idea what to do, tactically inept. Can’t wait for another season of this dross!
  8. Please,please Sarri just leave our club! I can’t have another season of this dross, tactically inept and totally out of his depth!! I agree the players are not the best but they’re better than this! Totally clueless fraud.
  9. JAT

    Mickey Thomas

    I remember Mickey scoring a beautiful goal against Wednesday in the Milk Cup, 1985 I think. Keep fighting Mickey.
  10. I’ve tried to be patient but this football is dire. How on earth Alonso keeps getting picked is beyond me and Jorginho .... what does he do that other midfielders can’t do. I can pass the damn ball 5 yards sideways!!! The team look unhappy and clueless which is a worry. Very disappointed as I believed the Sarri hype.
  11. JAT

    Alvaro Morata

    I’m not a fan of Morata but I would like to see what a different manager could coax out of him. A manager who is positive about his players and plays football the correct way. I’m bored to death with Conte, maybe the players are as well.
  12. JAT

    Alvaro Morata

    I couldn’t stop smiling watching Jimmy score his goals. Jimmy,Dennis, Eidur, Franco, Lamps, Desailly etc. good times indeed. I had great affection for that team, sadly I have no connection with the current one. Whether that’s just me looking through rose tinted glasses I’m unsure. I just want to be entertained and watching this dross has worn me out!
  13. I'm sick of this dross, the man clearly wants the sack so give him his wish. Maybe Steve Holland is a bigger loss than we thought. This is all on him in my eyes his negativity has got us all down, don't tell me the Liverpool team is much better than ours but they definitely have a superior coach.
  14. I'm so bored of watching negative football, I feel we need a change. I hate to say this but Spurs, Liverpool and of course City play the game that entertains fans, surely that's what this game is about. We are awful to watch, I appreciate what Conte has done for us but he has been paid handsomely and will swan off into the sunset after a massive payoff. Us fans are left to pick up the pieces as usual, we've been here before. He plays the same old dross as he wants a pay out, in my opinion of course. How on earth can a top manager insist on playing Bakayoko, I struggle to think of a worse player in the 40 years I have supported the Blues bearing in mind how much he cost. Who could come in I have no idea but I like Eddie Howe, be nice to steal Poch from Spurs as well.
  15. After watching that Norwich game thank god we have signed him, he's streets ahead of Bakayoko. My god he is dross!!

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