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  1. I love Eden but I think it's really unprofessional to talk about wanting to play in Spain every time he is on international duty.
  2. He'll end up on loan at Stoke or West Brom
  3. Send him away on loan, anywhere. He is literally costing us goals and possibly games. Obviously others need to improve too but he is by far and away the biggest liability.
  4. Obviously I was paraphrasing but you get the point
  5. I am just so confused why we don't have a plan B? What's the point in wing backs slinging in crosses towards hazard and pedro.. Now we have Giroud and Morata it makes it even more obvious what our game plan is.
  6. I am more angry at Conte for continuously starting him. Fine if he is terrible but why keep playing him? Does form mean nothing?
  7. "Who is the lanky guy in midfield? He just bumbles around and looks so lazy. Number 14?" A text from my sister last night, who watches football maybe twice a year.
  8. Am I the only one who thinks it's crazy to get rid of Batshuayi? "He doesn't feature in the managers plans".. Who cares, we change managers every season so continuity doesn't exactly feature high on whether we should keep a player or not. He is a striker and he scores goals. Can't ask for much more than that.
  9. The worst thing about the whole video is how little he actually cares about the game (and maybe the club?). If he loses the ball or misplaces a pass he just slowly ambles around in no particular direction not even attempting to make amends for his mistake.
  10. Luiz doesn't have the energy to get up and down. That's the sole reason for playing Bakayoko right now. At least two midfielders in the starting squad must be able to. If it's 343, both CMs must have the energy. If it's 352,that leaves Luiz and Fabregas vying for 1 spot. Most would go with Cesc in that regard. It's hard to have less energy than bakayoko at the moment. Luiz can still get around, he's not exactly low on energy?
  11. Why are we not playing Luiz at DM? Great on the ball, offers a threat and has better defensive qualities than Bakayok-ohno
  12. Did anyone else love the way The Don said "I won't forget".. Delivered like a mafia boss, calm and menacing.
  13. Playing a false 9 is fine but when we rely on wingbacks to get balls in the box it is completely useless. Watching Alonso and Moses ping balls in toward Hazard, Pedro and Willian is fruitless.
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