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  1. I am dreading Lampard being announced and can't see a future where this doesn't end badly. Sometimes club legends can just be club legends.
  2. I think we are being seriously underrated by pundits and fans alike. We have been playing some incredible stuff and it seems to be flying under the radar. We are 9/1 to win the league on WillHill, thinking of sticking a tenner on.
  3. I love Eden but I think it's really unprofessional to talk about wanting to play in Spain every time he is on international duty.
  4. Batshuayi > Morata. Get him back. Offers something different too.
  5. He'll end up on loan at Stoke or West Brom
  6. I received my brand spanking new Mutu shirt in the mail literally the day after we sacked him, should have asked for my money back.
  7. Haven't heard any specific rumours but I can't see why we wouldn't be in the running? If we sold Pedro/Willian and loaned out Morata it could cover a lot of the cost?
  8. Who cares if they are 'foreign' or british as long as they play well and work hard? Can't believe I'm having to say this.
  9. Needed that for a bet.. At least some good came out of today haha
  10. Might aswell put one of those free kick mannequins in midfield instead of Bakayoko

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