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  1. People keep forgetting that it's the variable fees that might hurt! Let's assume a meeting can go on for an hour, missing the whole session would add up to £30K!
  2. Hi guys, was hoping to get some help/advice around how tickets work as the FAQ/TCs can be too confusing and it's my first year with an active membership (always got my tickets from Thomas Cook in the past). I got through the VWR and got a ticket to the Sheffield match, and I also got a second ticket via Ticket Exchange that I wanted to use with a friend (not a member). These two tickets are not in the same stand, so on match day will these two tickets scan as normal? Or do I have to bring my membership card and show up at my friend's gate before entering myself?
  3. @Soulo, thanks! I'm from South, near Kristiansand!
  4. Hi all, I'm a new member here, been a fan since my dad took me to see Valerenga - Chelsea in '99 in Norway. Finding myself living in South-East London at the moment so planning on going to home-games more frequently this season!
  5. Cheers coco, that's a shame! It was possible at the Emirates so I was hoping we were able to as well, but yeah let me try swapping.
  6. Hi guys! I've been visiting SB on a few occasions over the years but my memory is very poor when it comes to how things are after the turnstiles. The reason I am asking is because I currently have a ticket for MH Lower and also managed to purchase one for Upper East. I'm trying to get one/two more and chances are these ticket might be somewhere else as well. How easy is it for people in the different stands to connect, for example before kick-off or during break for a beer? If I'll bring friends/family then it would be great to be able to meet up during these breaks, although we won't be sitting in the same stands. Any help or good tips here would be much appreciated!

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