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  1. Truly shocking performance. Couldn’t play even the most simple pass. We did not look threatening in the slightest and Bournemouth showed more hunger and more desire. That performance was totally unacceptable. From everything looking rosy early in the season we have now really hit our usual mid-winter slump. We need to get out of this fast.
  2. We are getting into great positions but the final ball and the inability to make the decision to get a shot in is frustrating. We really need a commanding centre half. Christensen seemed to be more worried about getting hurt than attacking that ball that came in for the goal. Kovacic has been great again and our best player in that first half.
  3. I think we dominated the game overall. For a young team playing away in a Champions League game that was impressive. With being such a young team we are going to make mistakes. Tomori made two almost very costly ones at the end there. Kepa done brilliantly on both occasions. This was a great result and a great learning curve for all the young players. Frank is giving them first team opportunities at the highest level and this experience will be invaluable. We just need to sort out this zonal marking!
  4. Would love to celebrate when the ball actually goes in the net. ...with VAR I’ve learnt not to do that. Playing very well so far.
  5. The defending yet again has let us down. For that first goal I don’t know know why Kepa steps across to his right side when the ball is passed in the opposite direction. Kepa just needs to protect that half side of the goal. The marking absolutely shocking for the second and we can see why we have conceded the amount we have this season. Would love to see JT here as our defensive coach. Having said all that I think we have been decent. Tammy should have scored on the 1v1 and I’ve already learnt not to celebrate any goal we score until about 5 mins later! I’ve no idea why we are getting so many injuries.
  6. Looking forward to this one. Frank will get a fantastic reception and the atmosphere will be electric. We really need a win here. Bit worried about where the goals will come from so I hope Frank plays both Mount and Pulisic who are goal threats. I think Tammy will get the nod up front for confidence. Hope he can get a goal so he can be up and running.
  7. Great performance overall against the team all the media raves about. We were better than them first half and although we faded a bit in the second, we showed enough skill and composure to create chances. I think everyone played well particularly Kante who was outstanding. Emerson was also fantastic and must surely be the first choice at left back. Thought Mount and Pusilic were also excellent and they will get better and better with experience and games like this.
  8. Thoroughly deserved. By far the best team so far.
  9. DELBY

    Mason Mount

    I was very impressed with him in pre-season and was impressed with him again yesterday. I think he has real talent and will become an important member of the squad.
  10. We really got away with that. So many individual bad performances. Pedro was dreadful when he came on. Running around like a headless chicken and losing the ball constantly. Our strikers were woeful. Huguain even worse than Giroud. Hazard’s mind was on his new team for next season. Dave had one of his worst games for us. That said,we somehow got there in the end. Credit to Kepa and the players that stepped up for the pens. Need to step up massively against Arsenal. We simply cannot lose that game.
  11. Well we got away with that. Poor performance overall and I was fearing the worse. Nice to beat the German’s at pens again!
  12. Well we got away with that. Poor performance overall and I was fearing the worse. Nice to beat the German’s at pens again!

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