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  1. Can’t access either. Any reason why it’s not working anymore?
  2. Truly shocking performance. Couldn’t play even the most simple pass. We did not look threatening in the slightest and Bournemouth showed more hunger and more desire. That performance was totally unacceptable. From everything looking rosy early in the season we have now really hit our usual mid-winter slump. We need to get out of this fast.
  3. I was very impressed with him in pre-season and was impressed with him again yesterday. I think he has real talent and will become an important member of the squad.
  4. The biggest problem I have with Barkley is his decision making and his inability to see the dangers around him when the opposition have the ball. He just simply ball watches with absolutely no idea of the opponents taking up dangerous positions around him.
  5. Moses did great for us last season but is a very limited player. Have no faith that he is going to create something when he gets into the final third and he usually fluffs his lines when he gets a great opportunity like today.
  6. It wasn’t too long ago that Abramovich didn’t like our style of play and wanted to play like Barcelona. So what the hell did he make of that crap today? I’ve no idea what the clubs ambition is anymore. We know they have to finance and build this new stadium and I can only put their recent frugality down to that. But Conte is there to get the best out of the players. At the moment he is totally demoralising them because I agree with Davey ... he just wants out with a nice big pay off.
  7. So does all the squad. Doesn't mean we had to let him go for a measly £5m!
  8. I think he would definitely be a good addition. I'm afraid the reason for the £40m prices being quoted for the asking price is because of the grossly inflated market especially for English players. The question is how bad do we want him? The fact that we let Chalobah go for the ridiculous fee of £5m really grates me.
  9. Latest player we have been linked with is Cedric Soars from Southampton. Looking to bid around £15m according to a few papers. Are these journalists just throwing any potential name into the hat hoping they may get at least one right?
  10. http://www.skysports.com/share/10961130
  11. So now the FA have written to Chelsea to ask for Kenedy's observations in relation to his social media posts.
  12. I read that he didn't want to face Chelsea in a league game. If so then that's more class from our Captain Leader Legend!
  13. The journalist obviously looking for a quote to link him with Real. Eden saying as it is "He's happy at Chelsea, wants to win more sliverwear at Chelsea but in football you never know." That could be said with any player. Chelsea need to add players of Hazard's quality to the squad not sell them. I hope the club improve his contract and the same goes for Courtois.
  14. He's a had great season overall and contributed to us winning the PL in that wing back role but definitely feel we can upgrade in his position with more quality. His crossing and final ball is usually pretty woeful. Today he was very poor. Although he took one for the team for the yellow, it was then pure stupidity to take a dive especially when the FA announced a clamp down on simulation just recently.
  15. This winning goal will be massive for his confidence and will be cemented in our history forever. I hope he gets a chance to push on from here and I'm genuinely delighted for him after going through such a frustrating season.
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