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Everton vs Chelsea (LC) 26/10/2011 KO. 20:00 BST


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Right lets move on to the next game.

Tough one this game. As we all know Everton are normally a tough opponent for us and I would expect this is a cup they are going to want to take seriously as a chance for some silverware. With this in mind it is important to give the youngsters a chance, but we are still going to need some experience in there.

I would go:





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I really look forward to this game. After the shock on Sunday, it's vital we bounce back heading into a string of tough games. Everton is no mug, especially on their own turf. I want see a team of:


Ivanoic Luiz Alex Betrand

Romeu Josh

Malouda Sturridge Anelka


I think Torres needs game time to get ready for Arsenal, may come off the bench if Lukaku gets a start. Luiz made his mistake, but unless we have a better defender out ther, I dont see the point of hiding him. He just adds so much in attack.

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So Drogba, Cole, and Bosingwa are all suspended for this game, but at least Torres is back. AVB will also need to figure out whether he risks Ramires and Mata due to Arsenal game this weekend. I'd go:

Cech, Ivan, Alex, Terry, Bertrand, Romeu, Josh, Ramires, Mata, Torres, Sturridge.

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I wonder if AVB will give our backup keeper a go this time or if he'll play it safe and use Cech.

Atleast expect to see players like Ferreira, Bertrand, Romeu and Josh to start. Maybe Lukaku as well unless AVB want to give Torres 45 minutes or so to keep him going. Doubt he will play the entire game since he'll play this weekend.

I wonder who will accompany Josh and Romeu at midfield. Is Ramires back? Even if he is, will AVB risk starting him instead of letting him rest?

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I still think if we had have had our full complement and been 1-0 up, Mata would have never gone off. All he had to do was wait a minute to be able to go in and be assessed by the physio's and get some treatment, but he chose to be subbed instead.

As for this, I'm hoping for a reaction. I think it'll be a tough ask for the players who did the 90 on Sunday to play especially given we only had 9 on for the last half. I'd expect a rest for Lamps, Meireles, Luiz, Terry and Cole at the very least.

My expected lineup:

Cech, Paulo, Ivan, Alex, Bertrand, Romeu, McEachran, Malouda, Sturridge, Lukaku and Mata.

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Not sure if anyone is injured (like Hilario?) but I would like to see:






Subs: Turnbull, Paulo, B. Clifford, C Clifford, Torres, Lalkovic, Ramires.

If we're doing well and looking comfortable throw on a couple of the younger players, if we're chasing the game and need a goal then Torres & Ramires come on.

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Lukaku, Josh, Romeu and Bertrand all need serious minutes in this. Torres could do with a bit of a warmup before Arsenal because we're depending on him now.

Not sure how strong Everton's kids are, but its never straight forward against them.

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This the team Everton used in the last round. I wasn't sure about the formation, but their official site confirmed that they had two up front, with Fellaini partnering Stracqualursi (who I know absolutely nothing about).

A League Cup tie away to Everton sandwiched between a draining and costly defeat to QPR and a recovering Arsenal side who are level with us in the form table isn't the greatest prospect, especially considering recent history in the League Cup and also against this opposition. I'd probably wager that we'll lose if we play a weakened side, but we have little choice with suspensions, injuries and people surely needing to rest after QPR.

On the other hand this could be the perfect test for a certain Josh McEachran...






I reckon that side would get spanked, but I honestly have no idea what the lineup will be.

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As much as I'd love all the youngsters to get a game, I hope we start a strong team with just a couple of changes. I'd like to see Romeu and Josh involved. Romeu would probably start but not sure about Josh. Up front Torres should start so that there isn't too much gap between games for him. We need him to be on top for the majority of the season. Sturridge wasn't involved much last game so he must start too along with Malouda. At the back I'd give Alex a start along with Ivan and Paulo. Bertrand on the left to give some rest to Ash. Lukaku must be content with probably half an hour from the bench.


Paulo Ivan Alex Bertrand

Meireles Romeu Josh

Studge Torres Malouda

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AVB has just said Ramires is returning to training but wont play at Everton, but will be in contention to play against Arsenal. Which is excellent news.

Really good news. The question then is whether AVB will use a defensiv midfielder like Mikel against Arsenal and play Meireles or Lampard tomorrow or if he'll go with Mikel tomorrow and perhaps Lampard, Ramires and Meireles against Arsenal.

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I managed to miss the press conference, but according to the official site AVB "suggests young players will be among those handed responsibility for Carling Cup progress",

AVB goes on to say that there will be no appeal for the Bosingwa red card, not because we necessarily agree with the decision, but because he would have been rested for the League Cup anyway, so this game will serve to fulfil the one-match suspension and (barring unforeseen accidents) ensure his availability for the Arsenal game.

Of the sending off itself he says: "In that sending off you could say John Terry is not in a position of cover but if Bosingwa's arm is on Wright-Phillips's shirt then Wright-Phillips's hand is on Bosingwa's arm as well.", in other words, six of one and half a dozen of the other.

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AVB picked Cech in the last carling cup game and subbed him in half-time for turnbull, so probably he will pick cech again.

In defence the only certains are Bertrand and Alex in my opinion. AVB can make many combinations with the other center back and right back. He may choose Ferreira as rightback and one of Ivanovic or Luiz as cb, or play Ivanovic as right back and Luiz as his second cb.

As for the middle Romeu and Josh look certain starters for me, with the third spot a mystery as Meireles and Ramires cant play. Lampard has played Everton-Genk-QPR all 90 minutes, and with the effort he put in the last one he must be fresh for arsenal. I doubt we will se Romeu and Mikel together so the only other available are Malouda and Mata. Both are fresh as Mata didnt feature with genk and only played the first half with QPR.Malouda played the whole game vs Genk but only about 20 minutes with QPR. Most likely we will see Malouda in the middle and Mata in the front three if AVB decides Mata will feature.

In attack Lukaku seems certain as CF. For me Torres proved againt Genk he was sharp despite the games off, and I think AVB will stick with the youth for the Carling Cup.

In the wings has many possibilites of playing as he hasnt be used much lately except the last 20 minutes or so vs Genk. Sturridge also like Mata didnt played against Genk and only 35 minutes against QPR so he is fresh too. Anelka will be used if AVB wishes Mata and Sturridge dont get tired againt Everton.

I can see:


Ferreira - Ivanovic - Alex - Bertrand

Romeu - Josh - Malouda

Sturridge - Lukaku - Kalou

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