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  1. Felt like he has another couple of gears left in him, hopefully he will find them soon in those big games.
  2. Kante was not match fit, so absolutely correct call to bring him on as a sub, especially against a tiring team after 45 minutes of high press. Some fans just dont see what a good deal we are getting out of Tuchel, we never looked like losing yesterday despite being put under a bit of pressure. The threat of Son, Kane never really eventuated, there's always a man to cover when there's danger. In terms of the final third, we had good chances to score in the first half despite being poor, and once the first goal went in the score could have been 4 or 5. We dont need everyone to play well in September, hopefully we will have that in April or May.
  3. WTF Westham. Unless all the on field players refused to take the PK ( what a bunch of kitties if that's the case), absolute madness to bring a specialist PK taker ( who's not good enough to play) for the last kick of the game. Ronaldo could score every game for the rest of the season, but Striker scoring isn't really United's problem. Brighton looked a good team, and nothing better to beat that smug Rogers.
  4. Useless finisher still, but as soon as he came on we moved the ball faster and more direct, the defenders were in 2 minds whether to press up and stay deep to cover for Werner's pace.
  5. I want see Chiwell play too, but it's impossible to drop Alonso right now. If there's a game tonight, pick him ahead of Chiwell again.
  6. 3:0 , played without a GK ( no disrespect Kepa), bossed them into submission in the second half. The second half performance was one of the best 45 in years. Spurs took it to us in the first half, but we stood firm and took their heavy punches, Kante and Tuchel changed the game, and they had no idea how to handle us in the second half.
  7. That's why he's the manager and none of us are, changed the shape, took off one of the fan's favorite at half time, motivated the players to turn the game around completely.
  8. VAR is just making it up as it goes again. The Burnley penalty was debatable, but not a clear cut error, by last seasons standard or even last month's standard it should not have been over turned. Burnely didnt do enough to get anything out of the game, but every reason to felt hard done by simply because he's never VAR's favorite child.
  9. I'd like to see Werner plays too. Despite knowing Spurs will defend deep, just think his sheet pace and running will cause them problems when we win the ball in the midfield. The problem with Tuesday was we played too slow, nobody was making runs, despite dominance of possession we never created clear cut chances and panics until we scored. It will be a tough game, it's up to us to break them down despite being an away game, Spurs would take the goalless draw right now.
  10. Another game against Jose's ( or Nunos) bus, it will follow the same pattern as the last 4-5 games against them. Now we have Lukaku, we should be feeling confident going into this game. I like to see more speed and directness in this game, I'd play Werner and Chilwell instead of Ziyech and Alonso.
  11. Only Ole could come up with a master stroke to lose a game, and yet still get a pass by his mates working as football pundits. A player in the caliber of Ronaldo or Messi takes 2 opposition player away just by being on the field against most teams, so made no sense take him off for another attacker. They will still quality judging by the group, but that's another game where they need to play their best team. First group game, resting players and get beaten, no excuse or sympathy.
  12. He's meant to be the player to unlock deep defence, but judging by this game he's no where near it. Of course it's still early in the season, but I don't see why we need to persist with him with so many options in that part of the field.
  13. Not the best performance, but found a way to win, and fully deserved. Zenit defended well, looked pretty ugly when they had guarding the box, but mighty effective. Issues with us were there was no real dribbler in the team to run at defenders in dangerous areas, nobody making runs in the final third, and no real pace in wide area to get to to the by-line. Still, when the chance came Lukaku took it, he is as clinical as a striker could be at moment. Defensively, we were never in trouble, which is becoming our routine.
  14. punished for the outcome, not for the actual tackle. It's terribly unfortunate for Elliot, the only "justice" is Liverpool should have an advantage on the field after the terrible injury
  15. Right now I wouldnt swap him with any other GK in Europe, maybe Oblak but .. He's blocking out shots, commanding the area, and communicated well with defenders. Looking at stats, only goal he conceded was a PK, and only after a team mate knocked the ball out of his grasp.
  16. Maybe this is the extra gear he has in his repository now, the killer pass and the odd goals by going forward. He improved in the last 6-12 months, no debate on that.
  17. First team in a long time we have a striker capable of challenging the golden boot. He looked fit, and the fact he doesn't run around too much will reduce the chance of him being injured
  18. Regardless how strong or weak Zenit is, needs to respect the competition and play with a strong team , since all teams start with 0 points and anything could happen. I expect to see Werner, Chiwell, Mount to play, Lukakau for 60 minutes if we manage to get the 2 goals lead.
  19. Good thing he's on loan, if after 20 games he's still like that so we will wave him goodbye. To be fair, wasn't the easiest game to debut, and Villa did a good job pressing us. Jorginho had similar problem in his first season when being pressed with no time to breath.
  20. Tuchel is picking on form than reputation, and Chiwell hasn't got fitness or forms to show. I'm pretty sure he will play in the Zenit game.
  21. So much for Spurs title aspirations and all that, their defending was laughable, and lucky to end up with 10 on the field. Arteta will get another month after the win, good for him and Arsenal. Really don't get Norwich, they really haven't learned from their last relegation season in the league. They were by far the best team in the lower league, but just doesn't look belong in PL. For a newly promoted team, they didn't even have a big tall Centre back or a DM who's putting in a good shift, and no striker either. They are going down, and it's evident after couple of games.
  22. Perfect result after the messy International break, the type of game we drew or lost in past couple of seasons. Having a world class striker made the difference, it was never in doubt once he fired those shots away. To be fair, Villa made it tougher than we expected, pressed us hard into errors, and Mendy bailed us out in the first half. Once Jorginho came in, we got the control back and shut them down. Can't be harsh on Saul, they obviously targeted him, and he will get a lot better with time. Kovacic was close to MOM, pass, dribble, and even scored the goal by keeping going forward. Can't ask much from this game.
  23. Feeling confident since Lukaku is playing, we will dominate the possession as usual, having his finishing touches will make the difference on the day. Expect quite a few changes, expect quite a few players to be rotated out after the grueling International break.
  24. Realistically you cant pick and choose which one you want to win, we have a strong squad so rotation is not an excuse we could use if we fail to beat a league 1 team in the FA cup. I think Tuchel will pick his team similar to Pep, 3-4 Core players will play every league and CL games, the rest are up to rotations. I reckon Saul will start this weekend, as we get loads of exhausted players back after 3 games in about a week.
  25. At least he's get game time and scored 3 goals, a bit of form and confidence heading into a heavy schedule. He does have an unique way to miss tap ins. I wouldnt worry about Havetz, he let the goal in deliberately, dont think he's the kind of person lose sleep over a couple of bad misses.
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