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  1. Good to see there are clubs still interested in buying Kalou, a fee above 5 million would be great deal for us.
  2. Probably some of it should be attributed to AVB's rotation/ team selection? He was the only player that looked threatening against United and as he was getting back to his best he gets dropped consistently and whats even stranger is he picks Drogba who clearly seems to be past his best and going through the motions. Any player of Torres's stature would not find that too encouraging and his body language says it all. But to blame Torres alone for it would not be fair, some of it has to be AVB's responsibility.
  3. Offloading Drogba maybe the trigger to Torres confidence about him being the lead striker with no competition, though its a risk I believe it is one that can be taken. If AVB doesn't think like wise it may make sense to off load them both and buy a new striker and holding back Anelka for another year. A loan spell for Lukaku to a premier league club may be required.
  4. Watched Tintin last night and thought it was a great start to the series, some are already expecting it to be a series similar to the Indiana Jones. I watched it on 3D and the visuals I felt was better than the others that I have seen lately (Panda2, Gulliver's travel etc). I'd say its a must watch if you have ever been an avid reader of the comics in your childhood.
  5. If that's the idea we could do with far cheaper options like Barton.
  6. Cahill and Montolivo would be my picks and they would strengthen our squad and add some much needed depth.
  7. Unchartered 2 is considered by many as a must have for PS3 owners but I felt it was a bit of let down given the hype surrounding it. Its a good game and the story flows well but lacks the element that make games a cult. On the other hand if you have played GOW on PS2 you would know pretty much what to expect and the only difference is in the storyline etc. The graphics and visual appeal for both the games are great and I would suggest you get em both to experience the beauty of PS3!!
  8. Fight night 4 is a blessing to all boxing fans.
  9. I'd recommend you watch 'No strings attached', an average movie but Natalie looks gorgeous as usual.
  10. I wonder whats next from Larissa Riquelme
  11. The tournament started on a slow note but that's understandable since most players wouldn't have gelled with their team mates in the initial stages. After the first round of group stage games the tournament did get into its full swing and we have seen some smashing games like Paraguay 3-3 Venezuela, Brazil 4-2 Ecuador and a few more. As I said earlier, the games involving the hosts have been a poor spectacle given the expectations and the lacks of goals from a side that boasts of Messi, Tevez, Higuain, Di Maria, Aguero and Pastore.
  12. I don't think you can categorically say that the whole of Copa has been dull and boring football. There have been teams that have played flair/attacking football and there have also been teams that have been pragmatic throughout but it would be fair to say that both Argentina and Brazil dont deserve to be in the semis. Both the teams would be guilty of taking things a little too lightly and none of their stars (Messi/ Neymar/ Tevez etc) actually turned up and that's probably the reason they find themselves out considering their over-reliance on these individuals.
  13. Argentina just beat Costa Rica by 3 goals and I hope this is sign of things to come as the tournament progresses into the knockouts. Messi was good for a change and could have had half a dozen assists, If things stand as they are they will likely play Peru and I don't see that game being tough if the Argentine lads turn up like they did today.
  14. Its pretty evident that Messi is not at his best (whatever the reason), the free kick which was just outside the box landed in the second tier that pretty much sealed my belief. If Batista still plays him against Costa Rica I'd like to think that it could be his last game because Argentina look a mile away from scoring and that's ridiculous given the talent they have. Full marks to Colombia though who stuck to their gameplan and look almost through to the next round.
  15. I don't deny that he has the ability but his consistency is such that it makes me believe that it would be a smart move to let him go. Besides the point of playing an outright DM in a big game is to ensure that your solid at the back, watching him at OT and the defence struggle made me wonder if we can afford the luxury of throwing away big games only because we had to play the designated DM. The Mikel fanboys always mention his age as a factor but forget that he has been around for around 6 to 7 years, that's long enough to learn the trade if not long enough to cement a starting place. I
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