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  1. well done Tommy you just shaded the first half tactically.
  2. Champions league betting 5/4 city 4/1 chelsea watching the game, i think the bookies are way off.
  3. You shall have a fishy on a little dishy when the boooooooat comes in. I think our boats come in today.
  4. If i had to guess i would say Tommy will pick almost the same team that played against the Blades in the QF, bar Kovacic for Kante and Giroud for Werner.
  5. The only similarities are the young age of the players, and their knack of managing to win games against teams with older more established players.
  6. It feels like were this seasons Ajax, or at least as far as playing young players, some homegrown. Against Porto we had 21-year-old Reece and 24-year-old Chilwell. front line of Pulisic, Havertz and Mason Mount? Just 22, 21 and 22 respectively, plus other youngsters on the fringe like Callum and Timo. Pretty sure were the youngest team left in it.
  7. One thing i enjoyed last night was watching Mendy dominate the box for corners, corners with Kepa i am
  8. I'm happy for us to not be favourites for a change, whoever we play, they will be the favourites, yes i am quite happy with that.
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