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  1. The best part about the win/performance is the ominous message it sends to Porto.
  2. Great win but not getting over excited at beating a palace team who dint want to know for the first 45 mins, great to bounce back though.
  3. oh come on Kai where is the clever finish ?
  4. its really hard to get even a foot on those balls coming over your shoulder, love his first touch today, sublime.
  5. dont worry we will score again now palace are getting cocky.
  6. I'm giving my MOTM to the black armband, might be worth wearing it under our shirts in future games.
  7. I reckon they could get a dozen goals like that over the season.
  8. You cannot stop Zouma when he times his jump right, majestic header.
  9. I think Tommy has had his wake up call and this week he's instructed the lads to push hard early on with pace and get the game done. Working so far.
  10. still 50 minutes left, dont count your chickens lads ladies.
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