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  1. We're miles apart here. I don't even think Porto had a clear cut chance the whole game, even their goal wasn't a clear opportunity but just an amazing strike albeit a consolation goal. And the way they pressed us made it easy for us to play out from deep and get quite a few decent counter attacks, but again nothing clear cut created, resulting in a bit of a wet fart of a game, perfect for us.
  2. Borussia Dortmund chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke says there will be no cut-price sales by his club this summer. Watzke told BBC Sport: "When Covid-19 struck, we had no debt. Not one euro. Because of that, it is a comfortable situation. We do not have to sell a player. That is important. "The rich clubs in the world, they must know when they want a player from Borussia Dortmund there are two possibilities. The first is that I tell them they have no chance. Other times, I will tell them 'this is the price'. Then they must know this is the price. It is not another price. "We a
  3. I sort of hope they do try pressing us, we seem to thrive on it now, the loudest clap i hear from Tuchel is when we beat the press, he loves it.
  4. Yeah but against City that's a gamble, and could damage his slow recovering profile.
  5. Sun is shining, spring is here, Lockdown over, bring out the beer.
  6. were not higher its just that list, were 3.25/1 psg are at 3/1 slightly more favoured.
  7. the old adage about the greener grass comes to mind.
  8. If we go on to meet Real Madrid in the semi final, and then knock them out, i'd love to read Edens thoughts.
  9. Dave hardly touched him and he acted like he was hit with a sledgehammer.
  10. 0-0, forced into sock chat...and other comfort items of clothes, ......................coincidentally 0 0 looks like two socks from above, spooky.
  11. I dont leave home without them when i'm on my motorbike.
  12. Malta has all this to look forward to over the coming days,
  13. it all about comfort mate as you know at this age
  14. well done Mendy ! love the dominance we have now in the air.
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