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  1. I remember in 84 when the miners striked, but a few still went to work, the striking miners would picket the gates shouting scabs scabs. I can see that happening again.
  2. So if this goes ahead, Chelsea will only play 6 Eurpoean clubs, and we will never ever play any other European clubs ever again, including every German club, Dutch club, French club, Portugese, Belguim.......never again will we visit these beautiful countries.
  3. I started a poll on this thread.............
  4. Yes probably because of the bookmakers paying huge sums for advertising.
  5. Where is the money coming from ? clubs are not making much/any money, tv subscriptions have plummeted, no fans buying tickets, huge player salaries to pay, transfer fees through the roof. It just doesn't add up, until you realise its being propped up by the betting industry with their sponsorship's and advertising, hence the need for more top level global audience games. Remember the majority of the EPL clubs have bookmakers on their shirts. The sport is a monster nowadays.
  6. Oh i was under the impression this could only happen via a breakaway.
  7. For me the English Premier League is the greatest show on the planet, any clubs walking away from that must be crazy.
  8. I agree with a lot of your points, all of it in fact. But i do think your'e playing down TT's accomplishments so far, yes we have not won anything yet, but we have a fantastic chance of doing a famous double, where did that come from ? I never even considered winning anything this season, my whole vision was just to get top four. But now i feel invigorated and excited for the first time since Conte first season. I'm surprised your'e not on the same level Scott.
  9. @Eight Times is itching for a name change.
  10. Frank did more than just bring the kids in, he continued with Sarris possession based football, trying to play out from deep, Frank tried to advance the system further and for some time he did do, but eventually his lack of experience showed and the inevitable happened.
  11. Although in my previous post i credited Frank with the foundations that Tommy has built on, it was actually Sarri that was the architect of the way we play today and i think he deserves as much credit as Frank for putting us where we are today. Apart from Benitez i have backed every manager to the death at this club, but i will always appreciate Ranieri and Sarri for being pivotal managers in our history.
  12. Well any Chelsea fans that were not onboard the Tommy Tuchel train will surely be now. I don't think Ive known such a quick turn around in a teams fortunes when changing manager, nothing with any longevity anyway. No offence to Frank at all, in fact without Franks foundations I'm not sure Tuchel would have turned things around so quickly. Post match TV Pep looked beaten and dejected, the first signs of cracks ? who knows, but one thing is for sure, Tommy had his number yesterday, and it wasn't his phone number. If I was Roman I would be looking at an extension of 2 seasons.
  13. on that performance we have nothing to fear for the remainder of the season,
  14. An hour gone and were bossing the 'best' team in the World.
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