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  1. Club World Cup is the only trophy we have yet to win. I was slightly pissed we lost to Corinthians in 2012, now it’s our chance to add a new trophy to our cabinet and proclaim the team world champions. Btw for comedy go watch aftv podcast with that muppet DT who is still in denial and proclaiming Arsenal are the biggest club in London.
  2. I get your point but I can counter it. The inter Milan team that won the treble in 2010 haven’t been in the semi final let alone the finals for decades in comparison to Bayern who were regular quarter and semifinalist. In the end it’s a one off game, no one arguing against city being favorites, but anything can happen in 90 plus minutes in football.
  3. Not to sound judgmental, but it’s a little disappointing that a lot of the fanbase have zero confidence in this game and assume we will get thrashed against city, because of bad run of form. Compare that to 2012 where we won against arguably the greatest team in history in there backyard with 10 men and 2-0 down and against a Bayern side that won the treble a year later with the likes and Robben, Ribery, schweinsteiger, Kroos, neur, Lahmm. I bet a a lot back then thought we couldn’t win against Bayern at the Allianz, without two key players (terry, Ivanonic). Trust the team and the manager, ye
  4. I guess Frank Lampard was right when he said these chokers are not ready to win trophies
  5. Because it’s reminiscent of what happened at the FA Cup final, we control procession we have hundreds of chances, and then concede. That’s why everyone is stressed and pessimistic, we’ve seen this movie before and it wasn’t pleasant
  6. I cannot describe how much this hurts, I don’t know what to feel to be honest. Rage, sorrow, indifference, I don’t know. I know some fans say we have to move on but I can’t move on from this. If we can’t beat Leicester, no disrespect to them, how can we beat man city. It feels we have reached a point where we are stunted while the rest keeps progressing. Anyway I’ve rambled for quite a while good night everyone hope you can sleep well.
  7. Great now we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, we either choose the fa cup or focus on the league while still preparing for the CL final, we have no one to blame but ourselves. it’s a must we win our last 2 games against Leicester and Aston Villa, to make sure we secure top 4. Thanks Arsenal you pieces of sh*ts.
  8. I’m nervous now, hopefully this doesn’t be the catalyst to a bad run of games and we lose top 4. Let’s hope it just a bad day at the office kind of thing and move on.
  9. Tbh I’m hoping United win against Liverpool, because if we win against Arsenal tomorrow, hopefully, and Liverpool lose then mathematically we’re guaranteed top 4 because by that point we would be 67 points and Liverpool if they win there remaining three games would be 66 and west ham if they win there three remaining games would be 67 points but we would go through because of the goal difference.
  10. Let them have this false sense of security and overconfidence, it works to our advantage. “ overconfidence precedes carelessness”
  11. I noticed this theory from a couple of my Chelsea mates, that because we’ve beaten City twice means they’ll beat us in the final, which is ridiculous if you ask me. it’s nothing but superstition. In the end the win yesterday was huge both for the teams confidence and cementing top 4 finish. And for those who are saying we played A City B or C team or whatever, well we can make the same argument. We played without Mount, Chillwell, T Silva, Havertz, and Kova. Even Jorginho didn’t on come until the 70th minute. My point is stop worrying and have faith in the team. We faced arguably the greatest
  12. If you go on the redcafe, you’ll witness a lot of mental gymnastics with the city fans and other rival fans saying, we only won because it was the city B team and other Bullsh*t. Well we can make the same argument, we played without Silva, Mount, Chillwell, Kovacic, and so one. The only significant players that weren’t involved in the game were KDB and Bernardo Silva. So stop making excuses, and let’s take this momentum to the final.
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