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  1. I’m sure there a lot of factors but what irritates me is the nomination of donnaruma and not Mendy. Mendy had a much better season than donnaruma yet he is being overlooked . The same can be said about Salah. His consistency and form is unbelievable, always in contention for golden boot yet he is not mentioned along other players for ballon d’or and fifa best player. Guess some players and fashionable and others are not
  2. Why is everyone surprised, this the same brentford team that spanked Arsenal and drew with Liverpool. They’re no pushovers. coupled with the fact that this is a west London derby of course they’ll be pumped for it. What matters is we got 3 points. On to the next fixture
  3. It’s amazing the impact Mount has on the team as soon as he came in we were in control
  4. There is a conspiracy against Chelsea plain and clear
  5. No disrespect but that type of mindset is not the type to help lift up the team. Yes we lost and have to lick our wounds but we move on hopefully we learned our lesson on not becoming to passive and complacent, onwards and upwards
  6. It’s disappointing defeat, but the silver lining is I trust in Tuchel and I believe he will learn from this, let’s not let this defeat demoralize the team, we move on up the chels
  7. Actually it does, you implied we’re at a disadvantage because Tuchel indirectly revealed our formation to the press and Guardiola, and I gave you an example about a team that used the same formation for two seasons and almost succeeded in 2019 and succeeded in 2020. Now let’s assume you’re right and we play with two formations are you telling me pep would not be prepared for either formation. Finally regarding the press, I agree with you they’re unbearable and there main objective is only creating stories and drama. They did the same thing with pep and Klopp in there earlier seasons and the same with Jose so I have no love for the British press. Anyway I’m optimistic let’s hope we beat them and make a statement to the rest of the league.
  8. So you argument is because Pep knows mason is injured we are at a disadvantage because he suspects we’ll play with a 352. If that’s the case then in 2020 every team should have found a way to beat Liverpool because they basically played the same formation throughout the entire PL campaign, yet they steamrolled everyone to win the title.
  9. Hopefully we see Werner 2nd half, neither Mount nor Harverts warrant 2nd half involvement.
  10. This team is really special any other Chelsea team and we would have easily lost at anfield. Proud of everyone of them.
  11. Injustice nothing more to say. Go f**k your self Taylor
  12. I’m still pissed off about his calamitous decisions in the FA Cup final against Arsenal. Hopefully he is non partisan in this fixture though I’m not optimistic. It’s really frustrating the best and most competitive league in the world yet with arguably the worst set referees.
  13. Excited and nervous about this game. There is no team that I despise more than Liverpool. Let’s beat there ass in front of there repugnant fans who abused Billy Gilmour.
  14. 2 UCL, 2 EL, 2 CWC, and 2 SC, Chelsea the pride of London
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