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  1. Giroud should have two goals to his name. Ridiculous decisions.
  2. I'm putting my money on it now. Unstoppable.
  3. Does Morata understand the offside rule?
  4. paraphil

    Didier Drogba - Happy Retirement To The King

    Up there with being one of the greatest Chelsea legends ever
  5. I miss the great Ray W in times like these. He'd have spoken up.
  6. paraphil

    The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    The PL and our club's best ever CB. Have a great retirement, JT, you deserve it.
  7. paraphil

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    We must keep the little fella at all costs. I would hate to see him go. Pay him what he wants.
  8. Alan Smith. Grade A c**t.
  9. I like Willian but he has been so frustrating tonight.
  10. Morata FFS. You should have slipped and put your head on it!
  11. Don't worry. It won't last.