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  1. Never mind the Ballon D'or, given him his own statue at SB It wont take up much space
  2. This guy needs his own statue at SB. It wont take up much space.
  3. Look on the bright side, guys, at least we won’t have to play them next season.
  4. I would be happy not to see Alonso on the field again. His fault led to their first and he lost the scorer of the third just as the assist came in. Thanks for the years of service but I think his time with us is now spent.
  5. BREAKING NEWS - DNA result confirms Tom Henning Ovrebo’s love child !!
  6. F*cking t*wat Taylor still upset we beat his beloved side in the Semis
  7. I’ll be honest. I expected a mid-table finish at the start of the season. To finish 4th, CL next year and an FA Cup final is a fantastic achievement for the Club, Frank and the lads. Now, let’s go out and win the FA Cup ( and stop the Gooners getting into Europe ).🏆
  8. Abraham - you **** - why didn't you pass to Pedro!!!
  9. Up there with being one of the greatest Chelsea legends ever
  10. The PL and our club's best ever CB. Have a great retirement, JT, you deserve it.
  11. We must keep the little fella at all costs. I would hate to see him go. Pay him what he wants.
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